Bon Appétit - Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti , my favourite. Guess it has been many many months since I last cooked it. On Sat, i decided to cook it and invite a few friends over. Those who supposedly just for the sake of commenting on my FB status ended up coming to eat. It really caught them by surprise " What you really did cook for us?" I was like " Yea, i cooked for you guys".
Lots of work- mise en place, cooking n the worst part cleaning. At the end of the day, initially i thought the bolognaise sauce will
have lots more remaining. Didn't know it was almost clean by the end of the day.
It brings great joy to see and hear that my guest aka my friends, enjoyed their meal and their Lemon Lime Bitters. A drink which is a mix of 7-UP, Lemon and drops of Bitters. A friend of mine who studied in Australia back then taught me to do this drink. I must say, this drink has been the likings of many. All will ask 'What drink is this?' It is NICE.
It was a great moment to see them enjoying their time chating away after a delicious meal I believe. :)
Hoping to cook the Spaghetti Carbonara sometime soon. Another favourite of friends including myself. Thanks to those who made time and for the compliments.

Appreciate it :)


  1. popo wat u mean 'macam' sedap lo? its not 'macam' but memang sedap hahahahahah


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