Fun in Penang : Island-Hopping Boat Ride by Lexis Suites Penang.

Let's Island-Hopping Boat Ride in Penang

Here's a new fun activity to do in Penang. Lexis Suites Penang has just recently introduced their latest promo - Island-Hopping Boat Ride. This is an opportunity for many especially Penangites who stays in Penang but has never had the chance to sit on a boat ride to explore the charming islets like Pulau Aman and Pulau Kendi; best part of all - you get to cross beneath the Penang's 2nd bridge -  Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge and see a sunken ship too. Cool!

If you're an in-house guest, the charges will be RM50 nett per pax while it will be RM80 nett perpax for members of the public. Each trip is able to accommodate from 6-12pax or  you can charter the whole boat for RM500, with no minimum pax.

The whole journey will be about 2 hours and you'll also get a bottled water and a snack with some pickled fruits to be shared.

There will be 3 trips available daily and rendezvous at the hotel's beachfront. Please place your booking at the Front Office, one day before to ensure availability.

Here's a peek at the recent trip we went.

That's our boat :)

A bottled of water and a snack provided on the trip.

Let's go :)

Briefing session.

We've driven on the 2nd bridge a couple of times but going under it was another thing. Looking at the mega structure from below was just spectacular.

Approaching our first destination - Pulau Aman. I've heard many times people talking about Pulau Aman, Pulau Aman, Pulau Aman haha.. Because it's rather famous for the fresh seafood and the most talked about - Mee Udang.

Mee Udang here we come!!!

Welcome to Pulau Aman

Breadfruit Tree or fondly known as Buah Sukun in Bahasa. Pulau Aman is also the home to the oldest Buah Sukun tree.

Now this is where the food is - Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman. This is where you get the much talked about Mee Udang. Dining is optional.

As you enter, you will find an area with tanks and here's where you can grab all those fresh catch that you wish to enjoy.

To the dining area, where you can dine overlooking the sea.

And.....the saddest news was.......all the seafood has finished. T.T

So sad! Was so looking forward to taste it.

So we ended up with a few dishes without seafood but we had the last live crab available ...haha..

Our drinks in pitchers.
Sirap Limau , Teh O Ais Limau and Limau Ais

After departing from Pulau Aman, we passed under the 2nd bridge again towards Pulau Rimau.

Pulau Rimau is an uninhabitant islet with an active lighthouse on it. It is said that the lighthouse, which serves as a beacon for vessels entering from the south was built by the British back in 1885. 

Now did you know that there's a sunken ship not too far from Penang? It is said that the Chinese cargo ship hit a shipwreck and sank, partially. As the waters over there is shallow, the ship remains partially submerged underwater. A sad but fascinating sight.

The last stop is Pulau Kendi, one of the favourite hotspot for recreational anglers. 

Time to head back to the hotel. 

Just in time before sunset. It was a beautiful sight.

Overall, I think this is an amazing experience. It's not like many of us has gone on the sea experiencing and seeing all this beautiful gems, so this is a perfect opportunity to experience it. 

Thanking Lexis Suites Penang for hosting.

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