Farewell 2009, Hello 2010

~ Goodbye 2009 ~
Another year of fun filled events. Lots of fond memory from trips, outings, gatherings, and i must not forget excellent food haha. This would be the very 1st week of 2010. Hoping this year would be a smooth journey. With all year round of joy, laughter, good health, wealth and blessings. Hope ill be able to maintain at updating my blog frequently..crossing my fingers xxxx


  1. eLoOoOOoO

    I think I am the 1st comments.. aheemm eheheh nice photo ! Because all my ''tua pui'' photo are not here!! wakakakka wkaakkaaka

  2. haha...yup the 1st person honoured right hahaha...iya then should have put ugly pics instead of those nice shots 1 kekekek

  3. heheheheh sunday we take more pic hahaha


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