No Paint, No Game -> No Pain, No Gain

10 Jan. The day I had been waiting for. It was the day for the 2nd round of paintball (my 1st time playing). The first trip on the Jan 3, i was the photographer. This time around, I got on the field, went on a shooting spree and being shot at. Ouch.

Destination was Permatang Tinggi. I had to crawl out of bed to wake up at 7am on a Sunday, whereby supposedly to meet at a Kopitiam at 8am. I guess most of us could not wake up on time. We met for breakfast and then off to battlefield. Before that, few of us were first timer were like worried on what to wear to minimize the impact of the paint pallets, while some were second timer as they played previous week.

It is about 15-20min drive from Penang Bridge. Along the old road from Bukit Minyak. Easy to find location. Upon arrival, there is 2 fields that is visible as we about to enter the parking area. 1 field has all junk cars in it. More like cars that fitted the criteria for old scrap metal. There were already a handful of people in their gears and team uniforms. The company provides ample car park area. Which quite alot of cars were already parked when we got there. We than changed into out gears. Minus the armor which protects the body-was taken by others who were there earlier. So worried how if we were to be shot directly at our body. Ouch. Protective gear such as the mask, and paintball marker are available for rent. There is also n2 gas with unlimited refill, . Though the camouflage jackets were slightly on a stinking side. I guess when we wear and sweat, would not make much of a difference.

We kick start in a field which has planks build up as walls with some having gaps for the paintball marker to fire the paint pallets and for the person to have a front view. It was FUN. For the first 2 rounds, it was thrilling because vision was limited as the mask vision in only front. Holding the paintball marker was as if being in SWAT team. Firing the Paintball Marker was even more thrilling. We played 5 rounds in 2 different fields. The other field was more of a jungle field. Dark covered with trees. That is where i got my shot. A hit on my neck. It felt like being struck by a tennis ball. But it aint that bad :p

Heard of team member 'hiting' on own team member. Yes No? It happened to me. I was shooting at the direct opposite enemy when all of a sudden i felt a hit on my back. Was wondering did my enemy sneak by the side and positioned at my back, shot me without me realizing. Turning my head towards the direction, was my own team mate. -.-" He shot, somehow it back fired at me.
Next round, same person shot another team member. This time it was a direct front hit. Ouch.

We only tried 2 fields there. Did not had the chance to try the other fields. Looks pretty difficult compared to the fields we played.

13 of us. Total was RM520. Whereby each of us paid RM40. But it was worthwhile.

Those interested to get their own Markers, Mask etc may even get it back there. They have a room specially design for that. Not really a convenient place for shower. As they only have a toilet and a bathroom (very Kampung style).

Paintball is something new to me. Its been around for a some time. Seen fields here and there. This was a great fun thrilled experience for me and to many who was with me that day.

P.S Poor Winnie who was sick and could not join for round 2. Oh u missed so much fun. :p

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  1. : - (... sob sob i wasn't there...

  2. Y u never put round 1 photo? we got loads nice cool pic!

  3. i belive my blog only started afta that paintball hahahah

  4. ahahaha!!! winnie dont worry, i was not there either!


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