Paintball..more like PAINball.. Ok, this is a first time. But i was not fit to play so I tagged along to take snap shots of those playing and to have a look at how the place was. We met for breakfast, then off across Penang Bridge towards Juru into Bukit Minyak and Permatang Tinggi, our destination. It was easy to find our destination. Specially when none of us from the 2 cars knew the way. All of us we first timer at paintball, excluding me as i didnt play. 20 min drive from the bridge, we saw the Permatang Tinggi signage then saw the paintball banner.
As we reached, we saw 2 types of field there before the parking area. We were the only persons there when we arrive. I believe all of us were so excited. Met a new friend there. Paintball is his hobby as he had his own gears and marker. They started scrambling around for gears, mask (cleaning them) then grabbing their own marker and headed to the 1st field.
The shooting began, those who got shot came out 1 by 1. You should have seen them especially after the first game was complete. They were like talking til there is no tomorrow. It was due to the excitement and adrenalin.
Some got shot on their hands, legs, thigh, neck etc. One of them got shot on the hand, which was pretty bad as it bled. The mark was like bigger than the 50 cents coin and red. Looks really pain though. I believe it was because he only had a short sleeve shirt on. So his hands were open.
By the end of the last game. All of us had enjoyed and exhausted. Bet the next day, the aches and pain will start. haha.
It was a great outing being with those friends playing a great game. Till round 2..SOON..


  1. Wakakaa awesome! I will add your blog soon to YMCA website!! Lolz!

  2. huh my blog to ymca website? huh?


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