Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Been craving for chendul for quite sometime. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul definitely is the spot.

No body leaves Penang without having a bowl of this made to perfection chendul. It is No.1 in Penang and I believe in Malaysia lets not also forget that people from different states would come here and have a bowl of this tasty dessert.

You will find tons of places selling chendul in Penang stalls, coffeeshops/kopitiams, foodcourts etc but nothing beats that taste you will get back there. The texture of the ingredients and taste is just perfect. Sweet tooth or not, practically everyone would love it. There is nothing like a nice bowl of chendul on a hot sunny day.

You will be amazed by the daily crowd queuing for their chendul or ice kacang. And most people would be standing while enjoying their dessert.

So what does chendul consist of?
Strips of smooth green pandan noodles made from rice flour mixed together with red beans, coconut milk, and shaved ice, topped with fragrant gula melaka (black sugar syrup). These combination of ingredients simply blends in perfectly well. Every spoon of it makes you craving for more.

When did chendul came into the picture? History has it that the teochew chendul has been around since 5 decades ago in 1945. This unique flavored dessert was founded by
the late Tan Teik Fuang. Now his 3 children, Tan Chong Khoay, Tan Chong Seng and Tan Chong Kim manages the business.

They have also opened a few outlets in Penang as well as in other states in Malaysia. The latest outlet/shop was opened just down the road not far from their stall in Penang Road. Situated at the pathway of Komtar Walk. It offers a brand new additional taste, coffee and durian. And excellent food such as laksa and many more others to go together with their dessert.

Main Stall
21, Keng Kwee Street

(off Penang Road)
10000 Penang



  1. Please note that Chendul is not made from rice flour. It is made from green bean (lek thau).

  2. wow..i want cendol~


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