To KL We Went

This was a rather quick trip. The 5 of us, Joyce,Ling,Kanzy,Edison and I traveled on a rainy Sat evening/night. Rain was so heavy that vision of the road was hard to be seen. Making it worst, after our stop at Tapah R&R. The car's air con suddenly was not functioning. Oh no!! Heavy rain + blurred vision + no air con + misty car window/glass = Bad situation. The misty windscreen reminded me so much of when I was in my school bus. When i use to sit in front beside the driver, if it rains, the whole school bus windows will get misty, I will have to take the cloth and wipe his windscreen.
Driving during that time was scary. Just prayed for a safe trip. Arrived at KL, almost midnight. By the time we reached Bukit Bintang, the water fountain located right in front of Pavilion had already been turned off. Lights were off. Only thing that was refreshing was the fresh flowers placed by the main entrance with red lit lanterns hanging above the flowers. It was a spectacular view of the flowers. Cameras were out. Pics were taken continuously. As Chinese New Year is 2weeks+ away. Everywhere is in the mood and decorations can be seen almost everywhere.
As the main trips purpose was for Naturally Plus Malaysia Opening Rally at PWTC. So wasn't much could be done. As after the event. Drove back to Penang. Tiring. But it was fun with great companions.


  1. siew kang lor...siew kang lor...balik rumah celebrate cny lo....hehe

  2. hahahaha....itu hari pegi minggu lepas baru pegi... ;p u sudah siew kang ady?

  3. till tomolo lo...GONG XI FA CAI!!!! Huat arh!!!


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