Double surpise..surprise no 2

After the pleasant surprise, there was another knock. This time it was a box from the courier service. After signing i saw it was written Octo Soft Toy. And it was the 5 Octo soft toys which I was lucky to be chosen as one of the 10 Grand Prize winners by CIMB Malaysia.

As i opened the box, there laid 5 cute adorable 5 Octos. I bet my niece would go crazy seeing it. I recalled when during Christmas, my 7 year old niece called me asking me where did i get that cute Octo profile pic. As she wanted to have that in her FB profile photo as well. She was so captivated with the cute photos and here now I have those 5 Octos.

The 5 Cute and Adorable Octos

This is my first contest that I won for this year.

A BIG THANK YOU to CIMB Malaysia for making such a pleasant surprise for me.

Don't you just <3 them ^^