Pasar malam

The delicous Char Koay Kak

The Lor Bak with 4 different  sauces :- 
chili sauce, mayonnaise, black pepper and cheese sauce

 Apam Balik or Ban Chang Kuih

Fried Wantan RM3 for 10pcs which was really nice
Tuesday evenings are my favourite time as it is the day for the night market / "pasar malam" at Tanjung Bungah. As usual parking is a big headache but ive been lucky in a sense i dont have to wait long for a nice spot. A big crowd of people who goes there are the TAR College students.

The char koay kak is never a miss whenever i go. In comparison to the auntie that sells in the market, the pasar malam one stands out. Tastier ,nicer and fragrant. Further she always has a facial expression that makes you feel shes always in a bad mood. Never see her smiling. Want to get hers also scared.

With quite a number of selection of food available. There only a few things i usually get while back there. Apart from the char koay kak, another favourite of mine is the apam balik or the chinese pancake - ban chang kuih.. Mine is with brown sugar which makes it even nicer. 

Grabbed a few stuff then went back home to indulge the yummy food.


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