Shopping Day

A few frens of mine and 1 tagged a friend of ours who wanted to do some Chinese New Year shopping. Destination was Queensbay Mall. A few retail outlets such as Padini and Hush Puppies were crowded. It was as though everything was free. The ladies had plans to enter La Senza at the end of the day.

After hours and hours of walking, the gals tried a few clothing from Forever 21. It was like fashion show in Milan. Change, come out then back in their changing room. Finally it was the last destination,which was their "heaven". So a male companion of mine, was beside his girlfriend when the sales person told him " You could get this thong. As i have male customers who buys this as well". At that very moment looking at that black thong, it reminded us of a scene from our locally produced movie "GREAT DAY".

He told the sales person, this is used to tie the bunga kantan. It was funny as the sales person was laughing in embarrassment at the same time.

The scene was where the character, an elderly uncle ,Ah Kong (grandpa) took the maids under garment, the thong, and use it to tie the 'bunga kantan", the flower used for laksa. It was so hilarious thinking back about that scene.
 Cool ABC


The food that we shared

By 8pm, all of us were drained, exhausted and hungry. So we headed to the Market in Bayan Baru. Craving for its Tom Yam Maggie. It was still open when we arrived but there was only prawn left. No more pork and fish. So i ordered my tom yam with only the noodles. Just to satisfy my craving for tom yam. With few other dishes we had like fried oysters, popiah and pasembur and i had my share of ABC-ice kacang, while others had their ice blended red bean and coconut. Great fun time !