Welcoming the brand new year.. 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Wow time sure flies. Last check and my last entry for my blog was a year ago -.-" poor blog.
Hoping  I will be able to blog here once again and not stop till the next year haha.

The year 2010 brought lots of fond memories despite it being a bumpy year for me.

Trip to the land of the rising sun in May was the most memorable thing of the year for me. It was my first time siting in a plane. The fun, excited and fear, all mixed up. Miss Japan so much as I type.

Down south to Johor and Singapore, which saw the newly opened much talked about Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios and the casinos.

We had guest from Korea, our much missed 5 Friends, Pine, Estella, Erin, Jake and Blaise. It was really great knowing them with all the activities we did makes it hard to bid farewell in the end.

And ended the year with lots of events and gatherings, my birthday which was celebrated with my dear family and friends which money cant buy. Then it was Christmas and it was my first time ever up in Genting Highlands just after Christmas.

Speaking about Genting Highlands, last year was my first time experience heading up to G.H. more trips than i ever did in my whole life til now. This was made possible thanks to WorldCard Malaysia. Guess fate brought me to the page which made alot of difference ever since. From wining free rooms, worldpoints, even being honored to be the selected ones for the First Ever Fans Gathering which made it WOW...

Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for everything :)

Have a great 2011...


  1. wow, u went to japan!!!that is my dreamland!!!
    definitely hoping for more gathering at genting!

  2. Chai Fung yes was there for 8 days. Great country. Everything is just wow. I can still remember my first step out of the airport gate. It was fun. I was lucky cos air fare was cheap that time. Eitherwise it would cost even more.

  3. should i say something here oso..
    Nice knowing from WCM .. sama-sama Penang lang.. but only first meet at Hill :-D
    Happy blogging harr..

  4. Ly Ping..thanks for dropping by :) its been a great pleasure to have known you all. Guess the peak will be out first time meet up for all :)


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