2nd WCM Fan Trip 22/1/11


I was lucky enough to be selected for the 2nd Fan Trip by WorldCard Malaysia. After the announcement of the 50,000th Fan It's me Contest. I couldn't wait for the day to come. The day, 22nd of January 2011 arrived, I departed from Penang almost 15min to 9am.  After 3 hours, I finally arrived Strawberry Farm at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands.

The rest met earlier around 11am. So I was among the last few to arrive there. There they were, Victor & his family, Evone & her sister-Winnie , Rave and her partner, Sean and his gf-Jess, Jeff & his partner, Ila & her partner, Wea Syen & his gf-Shukky, Shafie & his bro and Sin Ching. Not forgetting the lovely 4 admins, Diana Ivy, Jess and Jessica.

It was fun, meeting some of them for the first time (as most of us only chatted through chat and comments) and some for the second time. The Game 1 had already begun way earlier. Photo shots of us in a picture with given spots to take with.

After being notified by the admins that they will proceed up first for the check-ins and will meet at GICC at 1.30pm, the four of us, Wea Syen, Shukky, Edison and I then started to take the photos as required. It was fun. We met up again at the peak, this time with all the goodie bags waiting for us.Goodie bag was a surprise with so many nice stuff and along with the goodie bags there was a few bags of things for the lucky draw as I was told. It was lucky draw time and I was so happy when i got myself the hamper worth RM80. Yay!!!


 After checking into our rooms, we met again at Pedas Springs Spa. This time was time to sit back and relax. We utilized the spa facilities such as the hot spring, steam and sauna. Light refreshments were also served. Which was really appetizing  after doing the spa. Then it was time to complete Game 2 and proceeded for dinner at Good Luck Restaurant.

Then at 8.30pm, we were required to be at Pedas Springs Spa again for a memorable event for 2 individuals, Sean and hif gf, Jess.Whereby Sean proposed to Jess. As we didn't have any clue as to how he proposed so probably this was their conversation.

~Probably after pretending massaging..

Sean : Jess, Will you MARRY me ??

Jess : Gladly, Yes I WILL..


While they were occupied with the massage, the staff at Pedas Springs Spa rushed to get the lovely decorations done. While we were there waiting for them to come out and suprise them. It was a moment !



As we concluded the day, we continued with own plans-free and easy time.  Took the chance to go outside and snap the grand blossom tree made from recycle items.It was huge and nice. And over back inside, in the First World's Times Square, there was an exhibition of things from clothing to accessories. The design itself look beautiful.

What else can i say, when you have great friends around. It makes every second filled with fun and laughter. A great day to remember :) Thanks for the friendship :)