A Gathering of Fun Fun and loads of Fun :)

I have been waiting anxiously for tonight. A dinner with my greatest buddies as well as with my lovely godmother at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang. Everything went according to plan except for our dearest Teddy who was down with fever. Pity that she could not join us as its was a great night for me guess it was the same for others too I believe.

It was a heaven of food. From the delicious duck, to the hot grill station to the local food to far east the Japanese sashimis and sushis to Western pastas,cold cuts and enjoy the variety of fruits, ice cream and also the chocolate fountain-dark and white chocolate. My first "task" upon arriving was to take shots of the food before it was "destroyed".  : D

There is nothing like enjoying your meal with your closest pals. The happy laughter, fun, chit chatting and it is all about having them as my great companions. Then the photo shooting began haha

We ended the night with tummy loaded of delicious food.

Person to thank would be my godmother for going through all the trouble doing all the arrangements for the night. THANK YOU <3


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