The Mechanic

With a number of brand new movies released this week. Among the released movies are The Mechanic, Black Swan, Burlesque, Sanctum, The King's Speech, The Rite and No Strings Attached. Had seen a few comments from friends that Burlesque was good show. Made them feel like dancing while watching it. My first movie chosen was, "The Mechanic" starring Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, the actor whom also starred in Transporter.

Arthur Bishop, is a talented professional 'mechanic' / assassin in which his assassinations are intelligently planned to look like it was by human errors like being in an accident.With certain parts of the movie having fight scenes that made me shut my eyes for it's horrifying disgusting ( though it's no where near "SAW" but its still made me shut my eyes)

Well wouldn't want to go on and spoil the teaser for you. Make a date to this movie if you like watching Jason Statham in action and a lover for action movies .