Worth Watching "Burlesque"

After few feedback from my friends telling me that they loved watching "Burlesque" so today was my turn to watch and find what was so interesting about the movie that made them comment in that matter. Although the movie line is a little bit foreseen. But it is still worth watching it. The movie focus mainly on Christina Aguilera's strong vocals but there was also Cher showing off what she has in this movie.

The story tells about a country farm girl - Ali ( Aguilera) who goes to Los Angeles in pursuing her dream of singing, spots a club called Burlesque, meets a bartender called  Jack and she picks up the tray and starts waitressing. For the reasn, she feels that she belongs there. She meets the owner ,Tess (Cher) in hopes for her talent to be discovered which it does eventually. And the story goes on.

I'll leave the other parts for you to go and watch yourself to find out.

Enjoy :)