"Yes I Do"

22 January 2011 would be a date for Sean & Jess to remember as it is one of an important dates in their life. This was the day that Sean proposed to Jess up in Genting Higlands at Pedas Springs Spa. Upon saying Yes, this is the video after they came out from that special moment.

To Sean & Jess , 

CONGRATS to you both :)


  1. Greatest & romantic moment for Sean & Jess..happy for them.
    Btw Barry .. ur hand really dint shake..capturing quite good..

  2. Ly Ping..haha maybe at night dark dark cannot see it shake hard lol..

  3. Good job Barry~nice video!I wanna to say is every gal beautiful because her happiness she received and the boy is handsome because he given out his great whole his life to beloved wife~wish Sean and Jess happiness and love forever ,congratulation to both <3 Yeah!!!


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