....Down Genting To KL...

Waking up to the cool chilling weather makes me shiver. Packed up, waited for the lift to the car park which took forever to be able to find a spot in the lifts. Headed down to the Chin Swee Temples, to meet up Edison and Darren. Chin Swee also provides accommodation, minus a lot of room amenities. There was no TV, no towels, no bathroom accessories such as soap etc You will have to buy it seperately. Sounds something of Tune Hotel concept doesn't it.

So first stop from Genting Higlands was Wangsa Maju. I always enjoy their version of Chicken Rice and the wedges yummy. It's always a stop that we go when we head to KL from Genting Highlands.

Here I was browsing in Pavillion. Surrounded by all the brands. Eyes opened big big but pockets shrinked LOL. So after browsing there for a quick one, walked across into Uniqlo and had a short trip around in Fahrenheit 88.

We then moved to Mid Valley, time to sit and relax. Gardens was the placed which was just something that we don't get back in Penang. The design is very outstanding, very unique.

Listen to my ringtone " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" ..lol

Uncle Leong eat until so :)

We drove out and met up with other friends for dinner. Final stop was at Kepong's dessert shop " My Honeymoon" . First time there. Not really cheap but it's something that you don't find in Penang. LOL

Choco Shaved Ice
 A last note of <3 THANK YOU <3 to my lovely friends, Edison , Darren, Adam, Kendrick and Ron for taking the time to not only drive us around but also to spend fun quality time with us. Also not forgetting, it's been great to have met your another half :)  Appreciate it alot.


  1. Garden's deco look really nice.. love the piaono..
    ehhmmm the second last pcs photo is wat kind of desert? the original look is like that de??
    It look like ..... itu lo.... :P

  2. barry / edison : great to know u guys too...haha. see u on april.

  3. Ly Ping..look like wat ah? itu lo..iyeeeeee u ahh..go toilet bowl lagi worst lol
    Edison..looking forward to :)

  4. Ly Ping..oh yea the deco really something fascinating. Feels like being in an indoor garden :)

  5. omg i saw your tag 'my honeymoon' i really thought it was your honeymoon.


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