A Fun Filled Farewell Party.. No Tears Phew Lucky

The day we had planned finally arrived. Our farewell gathering for our dear Winnie whom will be leaving in a week's time. It was raining hard, rained almost the whole day but all of us were looking forward to the gathering. We had all the menu prepared, who was bringing what type of food as it was a potluck gathering. Tables were filled with food. Glorious food ^^ There was baked pasta, KFC, jelly, grilled chicken, deep fried dory fish, "love sandwiches", tom yam beehoon, lor bak, red bean soup, satay,chicken nuggets, rojak, ang ku, karipap, nasi lemak and drinks including ice kacang.

Sa-wat-dee kraup.. Tom Yam Fried Bee Hoon
Baked to Perfection Pasta

campur campur bcome Rojak

wah so many cucuk...Satay

Tess tapow chicken that tasted like KFC lol.,.it was KFC ;p

Uhmm there is Fish but wheres the chips LOL

Spot the <3...called the Love Sandwich
Teddy wanna shoot the love sandwish like Cupid

Spoilt for Choices
L-R , L - 5yrs old, M - 7 yrs old, R - 4yrs old :D

Game Time :)
Ok Happy Birthday to us lol...EARTH HOUR 2011
As we gathered happily, we had those small little candles lit in occassion with EARTH HOUR 2011. There was just tons of delicious food to be eaten. Once when everyone felt that their tummy was about to explode, we had our MONOPOLY DEAL cards out. It was game time.

Joyce, brought over some pieces of cloth to spread on the floor. It was fun seeing them playing while I was around taking some shots of them playing.

As it got later into the night, bit by bit, some went home.  After cleaning up most of the things, the remaining of us sat for a last game. Which took about an hour to complete one game. Feeling extremely tired, we left almost 5am.

Feeling extremely happy to be able to be with all my friends which we hardly get the chance to gather in such a big group.