A Gr8 Weekend Up at the Peak .....

With the recent days, Penang becoming hotter and hotter feels like being in an oven. Hot !!!! Nothing like being in a cool weather place. And there I was, rewarded with a room over the weekend for a night stay at First World Hotel on the 26 to the 27 February. Won the room through a slogan writing contest " I Love Durians....." THANKS to WorldCard Malaysia :) Previous trips has been early arrivals but this trip I only arrived almost 6pm. Lucky thing that upon arriving, the queue wasn't a nightmare. There was about a wait for 16 numbers before my number was called.
The Location Where The Durians Were Sold

After getting the card key to the room, this is my first time having the room just next to the housekeeping station. And the room floor was wet and sticky.The phone was a little bit crazy, cant connect properly. Had to connect to the operator to connect the housekeeping. I guessed somehow, probably it was because i was away or the other reason could be the housekeeping  did not even pay a visit to my room to change the towel which I requested.

Later at night, friends from KL came over. Fetch us from the lobby to the Mushroom Farm for dinner. After the delicious meal, we headed back up and settled down at Coffee Bean. Had great time chit chatting with Edison and Darren. Who would to know that  I would bump into Jess for the 2nd time there. Bump into her earlier while at Mushroom Farm.

A Little Maze ?

Hot N Cold ^^

We chatted away and moved location to the mamak stall by the car park until around 3am. Off to bed for a good rest til the next day. All I can say is i enjoyed myself that night having Edion 1, Edison 2 , Darren and Jess (although) it was for a while..
Here we were posing at CoffeeBean LOL