Sadness in JAPAN

A week ago, here I was in a meeting back in Hong Kong with my fellow friends from other countries such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia etc when the delegates from Japan were called out for an emergency. We were then told that Japan was hit by earth quake followed by a deadly tsunami.

As the days passes, people grieve for their loss. The pain that they are going through is indescribable. The loss of their loved one, their house and everything. It brings tears just by writing this, feeling the pain, sadness and emptiness that thousands of people are going through at this moment.

Watching the moments as the tsunami hits, was like re-living the moments when tsunami hit in 2004. It is scary to see what the force of mother-nature/natural disasters can do.

Let us put our hands together and pray for them in Japan for their safety, to be strong and to be able to get back to their daily lives soon.

To those who wish to donate in Malaysia, your donation big or small will not only mean alot to them but also will help them alot on their food supply, keeping them warm and to help them on every way possible.

I THANK YOU for your kind thought and generosity.

Contribute to the

Tabung Bencana Pandu Puteri - Maybank', 

jointly initiated by the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia, The Star and Maybank.


Members of the public can donate by making payments to the Tabung Bencana Pandu Puteri-Maybank ' to Maybank account number: 564016-727672

Contributions to the Fund can be made via any of the following channels:
  • Fund transfers at ATMs and KawanKu Phone Banking
  • Cash deposit machines
  • Cheque deposit machines
  • Maybank branch counters       

Cheques should be made payable to " Tabung Bencana Pandu Puteri -Maybank".

I THANK YOU once again for your kind generosity in helping and assisting those effected in Japan.

For more information kind refer to



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