Charlie Brown Cafe at Straits Quay, Penang

Sometime back, when I was browsing around in Straits Quay, there was a spot which showed Charlie Brown Cafe coming to town. Which was something interesting as we do not have any back here furthermore there is not a single outlet in the whole Malaysia. So on the 9th of April 2011, Penang welcomes the latest brand cafe - Charlie Brown Cafe Malaysia which open its' door at Straits Quay. Thanks to FoodTok for sharing the latest update of the soft opening date.

I am more familiar with the character,Snoopy among the whole bunch of them. Infact I think most people would know the name Snoopy rather than Charlie Brown I suppose. So who is Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown was a character from the comic strip, Peanuts which made it's debut back in the1950.  A lovable loser, a child possessed of endless determination and hope, but who is ultimately dominated by his insecurities and a "permanent case of bad luck," and is often taken advantage of by his peers. Wow!

Back to the soft opening day, here I was trying to reach there just before 11am. Meeting a new pal of mine who is a super food enthusiast. :) Having not a single clue what the layout will be like and as I approach the shop, it was fascinating. The interior was really nice. Nicely decorated. The design was marvelous. One word - captivating!




BeAUTiFul !!!

Gimme a hug <3

Nice view

Lightings that looked like badges

Fantastic Ambiance

Thats a whole load of Snoopy

<3 Snoopy <3

I spotted my pal who was busy taking shots from left to right , up and down of the place. Sounds like he is taking shots in a 360 angle. So I walked up to him and gave him a surprise. I did some little walking around the place while seeing the place with much excitement. The staff busy preparing before they could start serving.


Probably after 25mins, people started queuing and that's when we joined in the queue. Here I was looking at the menu sign right on top of the cashier. Trying to select what to indulge for the very first time. Wanted to settle for a milkshake but when I reached the cashier, a menu was visible with many items NOT AVAILABLE.  Change of plan as my milkshake was among the items that were not available.

The type of food sold there varies from appetizers right up to desserts. You will have soups, snacks, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas to local favorites and desserts. Drink will also be various coffee to tea to the healthy drinks to shakes and sodas. 

You won't be able to resist this
Decision made, my orders were a Caramel Latte Charlie Brown Frappa (RM 13.50 excluding the taxes) and a cup of Tiramisu which had cocoa dusted to the image of Charlie Brown's head. Paid my bill and took my Tiramisu which was given to me on the spot. While my friend ordered the Chocolate Soya drink and Tiramisu to go with it. The Tiramisu was not too bad. The worst thing to happen was the other friend of mine who came in later, had their drinks served first before us. Walked to the beverage section checked what was taking our drinks so long to be delivered. Gave my receipt and at the same time asked about my friend's drink. I was expecting them to have our drinks served soon. But the longer we waited, the more we felt that others were getting their drinks way earlier than us. Went up again for the 2nd time to check on our drinks, the lady told us she will send our drinks over.

After another wait, my drink was sent to me. My first sip and it was rather tasteless and not sweet. I mean it tasted like there was no sugar at all. Felt like drinking ice blended that only had a little tinge of coffee and milk. Went to the counter and asked how come my drink was not sweet at all. Got a reply that their coffee drinks does not contain any sugar. They say they have a healthy menu and so they gave me sugar syrup in a separate small cup. Oh come on!!! adding sugar syrup into a drink which has already being blended with ice. Just does not seem right. I believed it would have been better if they had asked about how sweet the customer wants their drink to be.

Tiramisu - one for you, one for me :)

My other friends had the Blueberry Citron Cake, layers of sponge cake that was spread with blueberry filling and finished with a sugar doll of the character Lucy on it. It was really funny when they started "playing", ok i meant destroying the sugar doll.

Look it's Lucy !

I guess after the numerous complaints I made and walking back and forth, the lady came over with a plate of oat cookies. Not long after that, another person came up to us and handed us small boxes of tissues which had a flip that indicates  "10% discount card" as an apology for the bumpy start and the wait we encountered. The tissue boxes which he claims that it only given to customers who spent RM100 and above in a single receipt. I spotted him holding this mini decoarative t-shirts that were meant to be hang in the car which bears the logo of Charlie Brown Cafe Penang. He gave me the only two that was in his hands. Upon request he came back giving a few more for my other friends who did not have it yet.

The oat cooki :)

The free gifts that we were given :)

A waiter walked pass holding a plate of Jumbo Hot Dog. It looked 'normal" when we saw it. So we look across our table to see a plate of spaghetti which i must admit, a rahter big portion of it. The auntie took a taste and shook her head. Guess you will know what it means with that body language.

There is also a Souvenir Corner which you to get some collectibles if you find the characters adorably charmingly cute. Left the place after 2 hours of ambiance enjoyment. Personally feel that I am paying just for the enviroment since my drink on my first visit was already lousy. Will make another trip there again and hope it is for the better and not for same experience. Guess it was the first day, there is space for improvement.

Souvenir Corner
P.S. My friends went there again since the first trip last week. Gave a positive feedback. Said food tasted better. Which is GOOD NEWS !

Where is Charlie Brown Cafe ? : Straits Quay, Penang *Directly above Pappa Rich
You may enjoy your meal and beverages from : 11:30am unitl 11.00pm.  
*The last call for food is 10pm and for beverage and bakeries are 10.30pm.*
Buzz Charlie Brown at : +6 012 426 9142
Facebook Charlie Brown at : CharlieBrownCafeMY FB
Official web : CharlieBrownCafe Website


  1. Hot topic in the town~
    Seems like most are not Peanuts gang fans... but it's great to know that more people aim to go back again~

    My version here if you don't mind. =) Hoping to meet up some Peanuts fans someday there.
    The Princess Diaries - Cheryl's Travels

  2. Syok nia Jac, ate for free and received the Wong Fei Hung snoopy.
    Hope we can attend the official opening and take photo with the mascot, snoopy or charlie brown u guess? =p

  3. Cheryl haha yes it is..everybody is pouring into that place lol..nice piece you have :) sorry just couldnt find a spot to comment at yours , will search again..kinda noob abit lol but thanks for dropping by..

    Darren..yea he got special privilege ma which we dont ma..but have to ask him to help us then hahahaha

  4. Thank You Ly Ping..u should make a trip there :)


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