Visiting Sweet-i for Their Tasty Desserts

The External View of the Shop

This was their previous spot before they moved to the new shop house.
This is was my 2nd trip to the local tong shui dessert house " Sweet-i". This time was different as there were a few of us there to snap shots of the desserts and do a review on it. Some were brand new desserts that were new additions to the variety of delicious mouth watering desserts.

The person I should be thanking would be Jacgy for inviting me over and also the lovely couple of Sweet-i, Mr & Mrs Soon for giving us the opportunity to take shots of their desserts and to indulge in all those desserts. Yummy !!! As I arrive at their door, wide smiles were on their face warmly welcoming me again.  

As we arrived, the 8 of us were introduced to each other and they were bunch of fun people to be around with. Well I have new batch of friends of same similiar interest. That is something great. We started taking shots of the desserts one by one and it lasted us almost 4 hours to complete all.

Here are the desserts that I took that day :

Fig Fruit Meolar White Fungus Soup.

Ginger, Black Dates, Golden Pear Soup.

Lou Ha Guo with Lotus Seeds.

Sha-Shen, Red Dates,Medlar Winter Melon, White Fungus Soup.

Lily Bulbs, Red Dates, White Fungus, Coralline Algae.

Green Bean China Barley Soup.

 Barley Fu-Zhu Fungus Soup.

KELP Red Bean Cream Soup.

Pssssttttt..your saliva is dripping non-stop hahaha

Sweet Corn Sago in Coconut Milk.

Groundnut cream soup.

Green Bean Sago in Coconut Milk.

Pumpkin, Sago, Glutinous Rice in Coconut Milk.

Sago, Egg, Pumpkin Soup.
Tapioca Jelly Bobo Cha Cha

Black Sesame Soup.

At the end of the day, our stomach were filled with such great tasty desserts. With so many types I had that day, none of it was sweet as you may think which is a good thing as people nowadays are more health conscious, having less sugar intakes. Even my friend who was there for the first time, gave me a positive feedback. That the desserts were great n not so sweet.

Variety of Daily Desserts are Stated Using Colorful Papers

Spoilt for Choices

Makan Time :)

Photos, Newspaper Appearances and Variety of Desserts
It was a fantastic day for me - new friends, first time at food review and a fond memory to be treasured :)

My Newly Met Friends ..halo halo :)

Once again a big THANK YOU to Jacgy and Mr & Mrs Soon for everything.

This other shots were taken more recent after that particular day:

Bee Koh Moi

Enjoy your desserts at : 727-F, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.
Operations hours : 4.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Don't come for disappointment : Thurdays
Buzz them at  : +6 012 - 485 3627

For my first review - > Sweet-i review


  1. Aww, too bad i have gone back earlier.
    Can you recall the tastes? XD

  2. oppp finally i see myself cause normally i am the 1 hold the cam :)

    X credit punya :)

  3. the one i could remember the most was the Egg,Sago n Pumpkin..wasnt my type of dessert lol
    Boss..ops i went and thank you instead of FT..ok i do changes yea...

  4. finally, i finish off the egg sago pumpkin....(T_T)


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