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My Favourite Cupcake


Tempting isn't it ?

I was lucky to be invited by Jacgy to an event which I got to know Kitty Bakes. Also thanking Kitty Bakes for inviting me and having me there as well.  Initially all I knew when he told me was a status update in Kitty Bakes that showed, Want Free Cupcakes? Only the night before the event, then i got to know that there was a soft opening of a deMontage. Which was a bridal event where they had people of different specialization to be there and promote their services. From bridal clothings to photography to wedding cakes.

As I walked towards a room by the corner, people were queuing by the outside of the room. When i walked in, it was like a cake land for me. Cakes and cupcakes were displayed. Cupcakes that were put for testing were the Red Velvet Cupcake which I loved the most and the Green Tea Cupcakes. The combination of the topping and the cake goes in very well. The creamy colour of the cream cheese topping and the cake which is although more of a light chocolate cake but is more towards a dark reddish colour base cake. First mouth, and it made me craving for more.

Kitty Bakes are able to do customized cakes and cupcakes for any special occasion. Interested to get those uniqie cakes or cupcakes for a upcoming occasion?

Facebook KittyBakes for any enquires.


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