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Firstly, I would like to THANK Crystal for passing me her win, a voucher which entitles a free serving of delicious "tong shui" dessert. Secondly, to THANK FoodTok for providing the opportunity for me to discover something that I did not know, the existence of Sweet-i and the variety of "tong shui" desserts it has to offer. I am a huge fan for desserts and coming to know of Sweet-i is a big bonus to me as I do not know of many shops that sells our local "tong shui" desserts until night time.

When it comes to desserts, especially local desserts, young or old, we all have our very own favourites. Sweet-i would be a perfect place for you to enjoy a variety of freshly made local dessert to satisfy your craving. Located along Jalan Sungai Dua, it is one of the terrace house opposite just as you reach Tesco. From the Sungai Dua KFC which will be on your left, you will then pass Pelita Nasi Kandar and just after that building ( YELLOW HOUSE) , you will be able spot the shop on your left among the terrace houses.

Sweet-i is managed by a a friendly couple, Mr & Mrs Soon. They have been in their new shop for about 6 months.Before moving into their new place, they had been selling for the past 4 years by the roadside not far from their current location.

On the day when I arrived, it was raining, just perfect for something warm and nice to be enjoyed on a cool wet day. Here I was standing by the outside of the shop, holding my umbrella on one hand and the other holding my camera taking photos of it's exterior. So as I enter, the first thing that captures my attention is the table which is filled cooking pots with the variety of desserts in it. Felt like the desserts were hollering " Eat Me! Eat Me!". Made it feel like the desserts were welcoming every single customer who walks in.

The shop ambience just makes it feel like you're being at home enjoying your dessert. The indoor is a little bit humid although there are a few ceiling fan running. There is also another alternative for you, you can enjoy it outside at the porch area. The walls are filled with colored paper with wordings that inform you about what type of desserts that have to offer you. But not all desserts are sold daily.There is about over 30 types but per day only about 10 plus varieties are sold. Which is still a wide variety to choose from.
Was given this tea for free. A treat from the owner :)
As my eyes opened widely looking at the desserts, I took out the voucher and asked which dessert I could redeem with the voucher, afraid there was a limited selection to choose from but was told I could choose any from those being present in front of me. I was spoilt with so many choices, looked left and right, over and over thinking what should I try. While my friend knew what he wanted. His favourite was the Barley White Fungus Fu-Zhu Soup. His bowl was filled with ingredients. Made it very satisfying even seeing the amount of ingredients being served. I ended up asking for recommendation, and I was recommended to try the Aloe Vera Fungus Soup. First taste ,a little tinge of herbal and mild sweetness with chunks of fresh aloe vera in it. Loved it.

Aloe Vera Fungus Soup
Pack : RM 4.50  / Container RM 4.80 

Barley White Fungus Fu-Zhu Soup.

Done with my first bowl, just could not resist trying the other types. This time it was my all time favourite, the Black Glutinous Rice or locally known as "bee koh moi".  It was thick unlike the usual lighter version of it. A generous serving of Coconut Milk was served with it. A perfect combination. The desserts are less sweet. So do not be expecting desserts that are sweet. This is a good thing !

Black Glutinous Rice
Pack : RM 2.00  / Container RM 2.30

When the crowd starts coming, it's a beeline.
I was surprised with a bowl of warm Groundnut Cream Soup on the house. Lucky me = )  It had very smooth texture. The groundnuts were grind until very fine to get such smoothness.

Groundnut Cream Soup.
Pack : RM 3  / Container RM 3.30

I had the chance to had a short chat before the crowd starting coming continously and given the chance to take shots of the desserts that were sold during my visit that day.  Among the variety that was available were

Pumpkin Sago Glutinous Rice
Pack : RM 3  / Container RM 3.30

Barley White Fungus Fu-Zuk
Pack : RM 2.20  /  Container RM 2.50

Sha-Shen, Red Dates,Medlar Winter Melon, White Fungus Soup.
Pack : RM 4.50  /  Container RM 4.80

Green Bean Sago Sweet Potato Soup
Pack : RM 2.70  /  Container RM 3.00
Sago, Egg, Water Chestnut Soup
Pack : RM 3  /  Container RM 3.30

Lily Bulbs, Red Dates,Fungus, Coralline Algae Soup
Pack : RM 4.50  /  Container RM 4.80

Tapioca Jelly Bobo Cha Cha
Pack : RM 2.70  / Container RM 3.00

Mandarin Peel Red Bean Soup
Pack : RM 1.50  / Container RM 1.80 

Brown Rice Porridge minus the MSG
Pricing starts from RM 4.00 

Therefore any customers who walks in will be spoilt with the variety that is available. The desserts are also healthy as the sugar content is low and some contains herbs that would be good for the body. Went home with a tummy filled with desserts and a take away from Mr & Mrs Soon. THANK YOU :)

If you are looking for a place to enjoy local tong shui desserts, then Sweet-i is your perfect destination.

Enjoy your desserts at : 727-F, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.
Operations hours : 4.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Don't come for disappointment : Thurdays
Buzz them at  : +6 012 - 485 3627


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