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A Holiday To Remember

This would be my 2nd trip going for a trip outside of Penang with my bunch of crazy fun gang whom I called my best of friends. Weeks before Chinese New Year, they were planning for a holiday trip during the Chinese New Year holidays and Ipoh was the destination that was chosen. 

What a beauty :)
The day all of us had been looking forward to finally arrived. I was looking forward to this trip myself as we did not have much opportunity to go for a holiday in a whole group. I only had like a few hours of sleep, barely about 2 hours of the not so called 'beauty' sleep. We gathered at the Penang YMCA at about 7.30am, once all arrived, our trip began. It was going to be nothing else but tons of fun. 
After an hour plus of being on the road, we reach Ipoh, a friend of ours was already there as it was her hometown ,our trip on where to go and where to eat was planned by her and there was another friend from Setiawan who met us up there as well. 

A great laugh to start our trip

First stop, MAKAN(eat) TIME !!!!!! It was time for something local from Ipoh to feed our hungry tummies. When we entered the coffee shop, it was packed ! We were really lucky that the owner told us we could have a special place - the back lane. Open air dining. Cool !
This is where eat were going to eat. Back lane and fresh air :)
1...2....3...... : )

Roasted Chicken Rice

The Ipoh Hor Fun..looks kinda plain

my handy DSC-T77 does wonders :) no body even noticed lol
Yummy fried chicken
So after done with the first round of makan. Next stop was to get some Tau Fu Fah at Funny Mountain. What is funny about the mountain ? haha. I am not sure how or where the name was derived from but when we arrived, there was already a bee line of people waiting to enjoy their bowl of hot tasty Tau Fu Fah. Every mouth of the smooth silky texture made me wanting for more. Would have been great if they had brown sugar as well to go with it instead of only the white sugar.

"models" posing for advertisement? haha

Look at the queue..
silky smooth

Done with eating, now time to lose some kilos probably grams that we gained haha. But before we did some waking, time to drop by my friend's home and visit her family. Best part we get ang pow :p

Spot the Ang Pow XD

Time for some sight seeing. Well, this would be my first time going to a cave. There quite a handful of caves to be found in Ipoh. Wonder what await me in that cave.

Kek Loon Tong Cave

Ok ladies pose with me ya lol

Did not know there were 3 sleeping 'beauties' lol

<3 Best of Frens <3

New style of  hair extension haha
This is the best thing about the cave. Looks like a sanctuary
The view from the cave overlooking such a beautiful landscape. Never did I have such thought that I would be seeing such beautiful scenery. It was breath taking. Only word to describe the moment when I saw it "WOW !"

There is stairs so that people can use to get down below to the park/garden. I did not manage to get time to go down but I am glad that I manage to see it from the cave.

After done with this cave venture, we headed to the next sight seeing.

Wish for a wish

A Wishing well?

Such posers lol

Beauty n the beast -me lol

Looking for??

playing around

Looks like they are coming to attack

u jump i jump XD

This temple that we went was quite unique. The was a path that goes beneath as if it was a lower ground cave that we could walk on stones surrounded by water. There was also the Japanese Garden. Not far there was this walk way up which was rather high. A friend of mine who went up almost to the top, told us that there was nothing much to be seen up there. So a few of us who were half way climbing up, decided to come down to join the rest, whom were down there relaxing.

The hot weather made us really tired and sleepy. Most of us wanted to head back to our accommodation and have a short rest. On the way back, we stopped at a food court to get some light refreshments and off we went back to the house that we rented.

After the short nap, it was almost dinner time. We got ready and headed to Boston for a lovely dinner.
i wan this and that n this n that
Little girl playing handphone game :p

Waiting for dinner to be served

We ordered Yee Sang and toss toss toss for prosperity
So we concluded the night with an early rest. But before we called it a night, a friend of mine brought along a big pack of mask. So she was our 'beautician' for that night. Giving most of us a free mask session, so we won't look horrible the next day haha.

Alarm rang, it was time to wake up. Was afraid that I would be late, but only to find out later that some was still asleep. phew lucky me. So after packing up, double checked so that I do not leave anything from Penang in Ipoh XD . We checked out, and it was breakfast time, we went to town to this famous spot, Foh San, for Dim Sum.

Lots of people occupied the place. We had to split into few areas to spot empty tables but since there were not any available we had to wait by those who seemed like they were about to finish and leave. We got our table and started ordering different varieties of dim sum. They have alot of variety to offer. Some which I think I have not seen back in Penang as well.

It was fun to be able to be with them enjoying every bit of the dim sums that were on the table.

MAKAN !!!!!

That's it's mine..

Great time :)


Craving for more
Once we were done, we started another journey all the way to Setiawan. The hometown to a friend of ours.

On the way before we reached his place, we stopped over a mangrove park. This is something that we don't commonly experience in Penang. There were monkeys around. Had to be more precaution as I was carrying a bag. Didn't want unwanted incidents to take place. A friend of mine was holding to a water bottle. A monkey from the side railing jump on him, and snatch the water bottle from him.

It happen within a blink of an eye. Next thing you know, the monkey is on the branches, opening the cap and drinking the water.

Lunch was prepared by his mother. It was a feast of great tasty delicious food.

We continued our journey to my friend's house which was not too far away. His mum had cooked a feast for us. The dining table was filled with great tasty food, every single dish was there was just satisfying.

Can you resist?
Auntie says, " you must eat all of this finish or else you cant go home" LOL
We did not stay long as we wanted to beat the jam before the highways gets all jammed up. We were caught in the jam along the highway for a while but lucky it was not a bad crawl.

We met up again for dinner in Penang before going back to our home sweet home.

Traveling and holidaying with my best friends will be something that will I always remember. Something to cherish. They fill my life with tons of fun and laughter. Love ya all  <3 Muacks <3

Hoping for another holiday trip with you all again soon :)


  1. hanghing out with best buddies will be ALWAYS the greatest moment to remember forever and worth to spend little bit more time to write down as a record :D

  2. so in nx 2-3 yrs time u will still remember who Barry is LOL

  3. emmm...u remember me then i remember u lo.. :p


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