My Special Day ^^

The day that I had been waiting for was finally year (oh wait, I waited just to turn another year older! :s ) That sounded so weird LOL. I woke up to the annoying ring of the phone, only to find out that my lil sis aka my niece, had scored straight As in her PMR. That is the best birthday present for me this year. A happy "shocked" until my SMILE stuck on my face all the time.
 Well here is our straight A scorer.. We do look alike dont we LOL

 Photo grabbed from Tenny

The hours passed and as it entered evening, I was excited as my birthday party gathering was soon to begin. Initially I thought it was only going to be around 30 people coming, but as I counted those confirmed, and those who came in the end was about 40 people. WOW ^^

I am blessed to have my family and friends to celebrate my special day. It was fun to see all the happy moments they have as I observe. Friends meeting new friends, chit chating and catching up with those whom only meet like once a year haha. Most of them were like " Barry, don't you wanna eat yet? Aren't you hungry?". As usual I will be walking here n there entertaining and only start eating when most of them are done haha..

Best part as well, having so many people singing Happy Birthday song for me..haha..kinda embarrassing though seeing all the eyes and attention from others looking n staring towards our side lol

Great food, great people, great time and moment together. Well the FUN does not stop there. We then went to catch a movie before calling it a night.

At the end of the day, it's these people whom I have to THANK for making another year of celebration a memorable one. A Million Thanks to all of you :) Love ya all :)