Niece Finalist in Mini Model Search @ Queensbay Mall & Her Dream to Meet Amber Chia

We were so excited upon knowing that my niece was shortlisted as one of the finalist in the Mini Model Search organized by Queensbay Mall, Penang. She told me once that her dream was to meet Amber Chia in person and to make the day even memorable was , Amber Chia would be the judge on the Final day. 

I was nervous myself as I thought I would have arrived late but lucky that I arrived just in time. The younger kids were the first one to walk on the stage with the adult models. The children were so adorable, walking and putting all those cute poses as they pose to gain points to be crowned the Grand Prize winner .

Here is my niece doing her poses while a adult male model walks with her.

Probably it was like a dream come true for my niece as Amber Chia hugs her in this photo shot.

Not to forget, her sister whom was all excited, eager to have a chance to stand beside Amber Chia as well. She was like " Coco (brother), you have to put this in facebook ok? " haha how cute..

Well, I've never got this close to Amber Chia before. Usually from a distant away, but today it was my luck to have a chance to snap a photo with her. As you may noticed, her hand holding me shows a sign of how friendly she is, although she is a very famous model. I just realized how tall she was when standing next to me. Models are tall aren't they :p

Though my niece wasn't the Grand Prize winner but I'm still so proud of her. It a start and a big accomplishment for a start.