2nd Visit to Zul's Burger Penang. It's big..oh wait it's HUGE, the HUGE burger in Penang

With my first trip to Zul's Burger Penang, it had created a lot of curiosity among my friends and also Facebook friends who had seen photos of it. My friends and I were fascinated and caught by surprised with how huge the burger was. Shockingly huge as it's many times bigger than the usual burger size we find by the road stall or fast food. 
It was a pleasant surprise to receive a call from Mr Zul proposing on a small contest that we could do among my own close friends. The mechanism of the contest was 4 people to finish the burger in 10 minutes time. Failing to finish it, then we will have to pay that particular burger, and if we did manage to finish then that burger is on the house.


Friends getting ready for Mr. Zul to prepare his signature burger.

Look at them, most first timers, level of curiosity is extremely high..haha..

No ordinary plate could fit, so a round tray is used instead.

Mr Zul busy preparing the burgers for us 

Guess they could not wait for the 3rd one to be ready, so they took it with 2 burgers first :)

Everyone being fascinated with the size. Snap snap snap

Thumbs up !

 Like a "little kid seeing a huge candy"

Mr & Mrs "wing chun kungfu" ? lol karate chop haiyak

 That is me, not missing my own chance to pose with the 3 burgers too ^^

  Finally a photo with the burger master ,Mr Zul 

 Now that is one EPIC face mouth expression LOL

Its way bigger than my hand

And it begins


The ladies were so "fine dining" style lol

Candid shots of them eating

 well that's me ^^

This shows clearly how much he enjoys his burger  :)

On behalf of my friends, we would like to THANK Mr Zul of ZulsBurgerPenang for making such event possible. Lots of fun and tummy filled. 

Visit Zuls Burger Its Big..oh Wait Its Huge for my first time visit seeing such huge burger.

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  1. i want go there n eat it too~
    x sabar.huhu..
    how much it will costly for 1 huge plate of burger?

  2. If not mistaken, RM30.. :-)

  3. I'm counting~ 3 visits dee and yet I was not invited to any? LOL!


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