Ninetology U9 X1 vs Samsung Note 2

I am extremely flattered to be doing a gadget review for the very first time. This could only happen thanks to Ninetology Malaysia.

The gadgets that I will be reviewing will be Ninetology's U9 X1 in slight comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The first thing you will notice for certain will be size the box. The box that keeps the X1 is about 3 times the box size of the Samsung Note 2.

The accessories that was bundled together were Charger, USB Cable, Battery, Earpiece, Screen Protector (Clear), Protection Case, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card. One thing that amazed me was having the screen protector and the protection case coming with the phone together. This saves you the trouble from hunting these items after your purchase. Well isn't that just awesome.

The X1 fits just perfectly in my palm, not too big and not too small. Easy in the pocket. The candy bar phone has a little plasticky grip feeling but it is relatively really light in weight at only 160g. The design is unique simple yet nice but found the position of the volume button which was placed a little behind the middle lining which made pressing of the volume button sometimes a miss. But we don't press the volume button all the time don't we.  The screen is brilliant clear and sharp with its Super AMOLED HD screen. Which I find it way sharper, clear and colors are much more vibrant compared to the Note 2.

Do you personally hold more than 2 mobile numbers? If yes, then X1 will come in really handy because it is dual-sim. Which is a real big bonus. So you don't have to carry 2 mobile phones around or keep changing sim cards anymore with X1.

X1 operates on Android 4.2 .In comparison to performance wise, with X1 is packed with Quad Core 1.2GHz, while Note 2 has a slight better Quad Core 1.6GHz making both gadgets fast and smooth for daily usage.

The 13MP rear camera will definitely interest people who loves to take shots of everything. Well the amount of people who loves to take photos through their mobile devices as increased tremendously, hasn't it.

Overall, as both phones are from differenct range of category of phones, one coming from a middle range and the other coming from a higher end range, so if your budget fits the bill for X1 then you should consider the X1.