Your 1-Stop Local Speciality Store Tean Ean Local Products 田園土產

The day was 22.12.13, marked my birthday and also 1 memorable visit to Tean Ean Local Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. 田園土產


The history of Tean Ean goes far back to the year 1995 which was founded by Mr. Teh Tatt Huat. It is located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah which is also popularly known as the millionaires' row. Situated on the left, just at the junction of the famous sea-front promenade; Gurney Drive and Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. Tean Ean has been around for the past 18 years entering their 19th year soon in producing and providing a wide array of local products. To date, one could walk into its 1-Stop Speciality Store building premise and be amazingly welcomed by more than 300 local products for you to choose. Warning! You will be spoilt for choices to choose, from different variety of beverages to various kinds of snacks, tidbits, biscuits, preserved fruits and many other irresistible food as well as products made from homegrown Nutmeg to Tongkat Ali as well as Birds Nest. So be warned that you will have a tough time deciding what to buy. I know for certain you'd say this " If only I could buy everything" :p

Among the highlights of Tean Ean will be their ever popular freshly made Tau Sar Pheah. The one thing that you will find in Tean Ean different and unique is that they actually have the "open kitchen" concept. Whereby you are actually able to see the people making and the process of making Tau Sar Pheah through their glass walls. This is interesting because many would have their kitchen closed from the public view. The reason behind this is because Tean Ean does not use any preservatives and Monosodium Glutame (MSG) and therefore you are able to view the process in making with your very own eyes.

Have you ever wanted to try doing Tau Sar Pneah? Well look no more, at Tean Ean, for a minimal fee of only RM 15.00, you are taught on how to make Tau Sar Pneah from the Master Chef, Mr Teh Kok Chee. So what covers that amount of RM 15.00, you may wonder. Hands on making of 4 pieces of Tau Sar Pneah and yes, you can bring those 4 pieces home :) Well not only that, for your "hard" work of making those 4 pieces, you will also be receiving 1 miniature magnet Tau Sar Pneah and 8 pieces of fresh Tau Sar Pneah.

The whole process does not take long. The learning process takes about 10-15minutes. For you to flatten the pastry then fill with the fillings. It will take approximately 20 minutes for the Tau Sar Pneah to be baked into a flaky delicious aroma Tau Sar Pneah.Well isn't that just awesome cool. Believe me, it will be an interesting experience, that coming from a first timer myself.

While waiting for it do be done, I do not think you would want to stand infront of the oven for the whole 20 minutes right? You can always browse around, explore and try the locally made foodstuff available there. You'll be like Alice in Wonderland.

Lessons are available on Mondays to Saturdays. Sessions are at 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm

Apart from Tau Sar Pneah, Tean Ean is also well known for its Bak Kut Teh. The packets of Bak Kut Teh were formulated by the founder's grandfather in the 1900s back in Penang. Herbs are pack into individual packets for easy cooking. With just a few simple steps and voilà your Tean Ean's Home Recipe Bak Kut Teh is ready to be served.

I read about the story behind Tean Ean's Bak Kut Teh. A true heart-rending tale. Only after reading the story, 1 question came up to my mind. Did he manage to meet his mother again?

Tean Ean also makes its own nutmeg rheumatism oil, nutmeg oil, and nutmeg syrup.

So next time you are thinking of getting Tau Sar Pneah or any other local food products, you'll know where to find them now.

And oh yea need not worry about parking as there are ample parking space available.
The huge Tau Sar Pneah above was made by Tean Ean in occasion for my birthday. That was such a pleasant surprise. We made history as it has never been made in such huge manner before for the past 18 years. This is their first time doing for my special day. 1 word : Priceless. Thank you so much.

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