Shining Stars

So I was travelling on the road, suddenly spotted a temple which was newly built. When I was little, I remembered clearly that is was a complete jungle as where the temple stands now. I guess that development around the area has been rapid over the years that now it is no longer green but a concrete jungle. I did not want to miss the chance as the temple just looks beautiful with the lights on and making it even more beautiful was the moon in the view.

After taking a few shots of the temple, I paused, looked up and saw the amazing view of stars above. The sky was crystal clear, making the sight of the stars clear and bright. It is not always that we get to see such clarity, or perhaps i have not seen up that much.. haha It reminds me much of the nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star :) Stars are shining..moon is up..time to say Good Night..