Edo Ramen at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Fancy of dining in a restaurant that serves Original Authentic Homemade Japanese Ramen and reasonably priced as well? Then you are in luck, because you have manage to find this write-up, and I am going to guide you to a place where you can now satisfy your Ramen cravings. Recently branching off from Goku Raku Ramen, Edo Ramen  just recently opened its doors on the 7th April 2014. Edo Ramen is located on the Ground Floor of Gurney Paragon Mall.

Usually there is nothing like having the authentic food being cooked by the people of the origin food country. Unique recipes were created by such a notable ramen connoisseur all the way from Japan, Mr Tetsuya Fukino. Whom I was delighted enough to meet him in person too.

The Ramen noodles are made daily to ensure the its freshness and delicious texture and mouth watering flavour. It is cooked al dante or firm to the bite as overcooking it will leave you will a mushy noodle texture. 

There are 4 variations of soup types for you to choose from, each with its own unique taste and flavour. Tokyo     - Tokyo Ramen & Ultimate Tokyo
Tonkotsu - Tonkotsu Ramen & Ultimate Tonkotsu,
Miso       - Miso Ramen & Ultimate Ramen
Black      - Black Ramen & Ultimate Black.

Not only that, it comes in 2 different type of toppings for you to pick

Standard topping
Consist of tender succulent char siew, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions.

Ultimate topping
The ultimate topping comes with tender, succulent char siew, kakuni(braised pork belly), lava egg, naruto (Japanese fish cake), seaweed, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions. It does sounds ultimate doesn't it?

Now let me just share with you more about the Ramen.

1) Tokyo - Classic chicken with seafood broth
I was told that this would be ideal for those who are new to ramen. Also if you prefer chicken over pork then this will suit you too. 

2) Tonkotsu - Clossic pork bone broth

Now this is my personal favourite. The rich and flavourful taste comes from the pork bones that are boiled over medium to high heat for more than 12 hours where the essence is extracted and emulsifies to creamy consistency and hearty flavour. Now this is making me all hungry again. haha

 3) Miso - Classic pork bone broth with Japanese soybean paste
You get lightly sweeted and tangy taste from the soybean paste. If you are a big lover of soybean paste taste then this will definitely be your food.

    Tonkotsu Ramen                            Miso Ramen

4) Black - Classic pork bone broth with Japanese fish powder and fragrant garlic oil
Die-hard fans of ramen, this is yours. This is like the ultimate taste of ramen in a bowl. Immediately upon mixing the fish powder and the fragrant garlic oil, every bite is filled is infused with intense aroma and amplifies the delicious wheat taste.

Ok so maybe you are a ramen enthusiast and you finished all your ramen noodles and still is still soup left in your bowl, don't you wish you had extra ramen noodles? Good news is, for only RM 2.50, you are able to get a serving portion of the noodles to go with your remaining soup that you have. Now you can "tambah" your ramen noodles.

Lava egg or which is also called Nitamago in Japanese is something really impressive for something as simple as an egg. Nitamago has such interesting contradiction in texture because it has soft firm egg white, creamy and runny golden yolk. 

Lava Egg

Aburi Char Siew

Now this is a must have in your ramen, tender and succulent pork which has marinated in soy sauce and savoury spices slowly simmered for hours to perfection. 

Boiled Gyoza

Such succulent juicy tender chicken and pork meat wrapped by a layer of soft skin.  

Pan-Fried Gyoza

I have always known of Gyoza being boiled or pan-fried, but it being pan-friend in this unique way? ok this is really interestingly new to me.  As you can see the pan-fried Gyoza that Edo Ramen serves is quite different. The Gyoza comes attached with a thin crispy layer of batter. You can try dipping it with the Gyoza Tare or the Miso Tare. Initially when my first look at it, I thought it was satay sauce haha but it is sure not satay sauce for sure. 

You can't live without rice? Fret not because apart from Ramen, Edo Ramen serves rice as well.

Here is the food and drinks that you Edo Ramen has to offer. Click to view it larger.  

I have good news for you and it comes FREE. All you need to do is just spend a minimum of RM 30 at Edo Ramen and you are entitled for FREE Boiled Gyoza. ok hold on to your horses first, don't just go yet. You need to print this voucher first and show it to them before your payment in order to enjoy this. 

With such reasonable priced for Ramen, let's Ramen at Edo Ramen because there's something for you and me and everyone.  

Thanking all the friendly people from Texchem for the kind hospitality and invitation and bringing my readers FREE Gyoza too ^^ 

Lot 163D-1-05,
Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang.

Tel : 04-2260961

Business Hours
11.00am - 10.00pm (Sunday to Thursday)
11.00am - 11.00pm (Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays)


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