Gurney Paragon Mall, the place to shop, dine, relax, and enjoy.

So it was the weekend, what else, time to go out relax and enjoy. Well I had a date...ahemmm well not that "date" you might be thinking. I had a date to hangout with Megumi and Allen haha. Was excited to meet them up at Gurney Paragon Mall, the latest and happening Mall in Penang @ Pearl of the Orient. The mall opened it's doors on the 23 July 2013 being a mall which is unique in its own way as you will find modern with a historical 89 year old colonial architecture building, known as St. Jo's. Now isn't that something interesting. There is so much to be found and so many things to be done there, dining, shopping, beauty, entertainment, health and the list goes on. 

 For our first spot, well what else if it isn't food. We are hungry people haha. So Lunarich was our gathering spot. Did you actually know that Lunarich comes from Korea? Well if you did not, now you and I do :) They have more than 70 outlets in Korea and currently in Malaysia, there are 2 outlets in Penang, 1 as you now know in Gurney Paragon Mall while the other is located at One Precinct. People of KL, good news for you, Lunarich will be expending to KL. Nice! 

 A quote saying " Lunarich is slow food, slow life,
Lunarich wish for your health, and happiness enjoy fresh italy pizza

 Now this is where the fresh hand tossed pizzas are made.

 Time to see what awaits us behind this cover :)

 Raspberry Caramel Yoghurt Smoothie
Though it sounds complicated, so many ingredients, but trust me, the blend of all the ingredients taste great. The berri-ness from the raspberry and the sweet caramel flavor and aroma give the smoothie a nice flavour.

 Crispy Bacon Mango Salad
Now it does not only look good but taste nice too. A variety mix of greens n vege mixed with diced mango topped with really crispy crunchy bacon. Tossed with special Yuzu dressing. 

 Pizza time! Nothing like their signature popular hand tossed, Bismarck it is. So what makes this popular item? Tomato sauce base topped with mozarella cheese, pepperoncino, chili flakes, bacon, onion ring and egg.
The flour that is being used comes from Italy even the fire pot (oven) which is used to bake the pizza comes from Italy. 
I feel like I am already in Italy now ^^

 Seafood Platter
A serving of deep fried prawns, squid and soft shell crab in a slight peppery end taste. It even taste good on its own or you could have it with the sauce that is served with. 

Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia
Now squid ink in cooking? That's so unheard of. Well yes this spaghetti is cooked in squid ink sauce. How interesting. The dish is made out of arugula/rocket, flying fish roe, fresh squid and cuttlefish cooked in squid ink sauce. Initially I thought it will taste weird but guess what? It tasted nice. The sauce tasted creamy. This is one unique item you will have to try. I heard they are good with their Carbonara too. 

 Pork Steak
The pork was tender, just found that the dish was a little more on a sweet side. The pineapple balances the taste though. 

Dessert Time !!!

 Chocolate Lava
Now chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. One word. HEAVENLY. 
Could I have more please *wink wink*

Lunarich food does not contain MSG and they do not use artificial ingredients. Healthy food it is. 

Tummies are filled with delicious food. It's time to do some walking and further exploring. So as we were talking, Tumi, an outlet with lots of premium business, travel and everyday accessories caught our attention. As you approach you will be greeted by a variety of designs and colors. 

TUMI has been around for more than 30 years creating superior products for professionals and travelers. To be eaxct, TUMI was founded in 1975 back in Peru, US. TUMI is recognized as the world's leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. TUMI always focuses on its principles of design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation.

 Look at the amount of bags and luggage inside. wow

 So what is new in TUMI? Their recent release is the Exponentially Engineered Alpha 2 collection series. This collection was release in January 2014 back in Malaysia.

 Black and white. Classic combination.

 Cool sunglasses yeah.

Look at the Alpha 2 series, simply elegant isn't it. 

Beauty on its own.

The brand says it all.

 Yes, we are definitely at TUMI.

 If you love colors, you will love this 

A wide range of variety to choose from.

Well how about casing for your mobile phone too.

~  Simply the Best  ~
 Crafted from exveptionally durable patended FXT ballistic nylon®
-A symbol of incomparable durability and quality

Patended Omega Closure System 
-Zipper breaks away to reduce damage 

Level Lock™ Expension System 
-Provides up to 2.5" of extra packing space

Recessed Wheel Design
-Increase packing capacity

Well one things for certain is that with TUMI, there is a born sense of security.

So next, time for tea time..yay..

We headed over to Pacific Coffee Company, for some drinks and not to miss some sweet treats. As there were lots of people enjoying their drinks inside, we settled down in the outdoor seating.

Pacific Coffee Company originates from Hong Kong. I was in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, and I spotted this outlet in many places in Hong Kong. 

Lets go in

 The ambiance is cozy and comfortable to just sit back relax and enjoy every sip of your drink. 
*manage to get a shot of this after the crowd went off. 


 Hazelnut Latte
Now don't we love our coffee art.

 Iced Cappucino
Nothing beats a ice cold drink on a warm hot weather. 

Mocha version of cappuccino. One of their signature drinks  

  American Baked Cheesecake
That dino ain't getting that cake from me. No Way! haha

Iced Chocolate Paradise Chillino

Macadamia Crepe
I love this crepe. You will find small chunks on macadamia in within the layers of crepe. 
Now with the Hi Baby drawing, adorable isn't it.

Simply irresistible

Wish to have cakes with coffee? Then you will know where to head to now. 

So as we were going down the escalator, we spotted this major retail, Harvey Norman. You will be amazed with what Harvey Norman has to offer. Can you imagine in just 1 area, they are able to bring so much convenience to us as they stress on their 4-in-1 concept which is Electrical, Computers, Furniture and Bedding. Now you don't need to be going round the island hunting for items from different shops as Harvey Norman is your 1stop answer. Not only that, their competitive prices and ongoing sales makes it a readl deal to shop here.

Harvey Norman is a brand from Down Under Australia. Currently, the outlet here is the second outlet in Penang. The outstainding part about Harvey Norman is that it has a huge enormous range of variety that you will be spoilt for choices to choose from, their concept of display and now this is really interesting, their extended warranty covers international provided that the country has Harvey Norman stores back there. Now how cool is that. Double thumbs up.  

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by such a wide range of home appliances that were so colourful. Bright and interesting colours it had. I was like a little kid in candyland upon seeing it. 

You name it, I bet Harvey Norman has it. Be it computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, home entertainment system, kitchen and hom appliances, beds, mattresses, sofas, tables and many more.

Electrical and computers of all major brands on latest technology and innovations

So many brands, so many colors, so many sizes, so many discounts

Clarity and sharpness of this SMART TV. I am so attracted by it

Anyone up for some cooking?

Comfy comfy

Which is your choice?

 Furniture featuring exclusive quality products from Italy, Australia, USA and others

Bedding products from all major bedding and mattresses accessories brands

Well shall I not also forget about  Harvey Norman Photo Centre You can print and collect you digital photos in minutes. Sometimes when they have promotion, the cost to print is really cheap.

I bet if you were there, you wished you could bring everything home. I know that bounds to happen because I was one who did wished of such. haha

Good times always passes very fast. Well there are many more chances as Gurney Paragon Mall has so many other places for us to meet up and explore. Great place plus great companion, now that is what i call an excellent outing. So head down to Gurney Paragon Mall and be amazed.  Who knows maybe I will bump into you there too ^^