French Bistro Buffet Dinner, G Cafe - G Hotel

Bonjour. Haven't been to France? Don't worry because G Cafe brings France to you, both in taste and the ambiance. G Cafe offers a variation of food for you to indulge as each day of the week, represents different theme buffet. And for Tuesdays, it is the French Bistro Buffet Dinner.

The G Hotel does not only have an attractive outlook but it also has a creative interior as well. Looking at the G Cafe's entrance, now this is something really unique I must say.

Ok now, to the more interesting part, the FOOD. I bet you can't hardly wait to see what is on the buffet line. There is one thing that i can say for certain, there is so much variations of food for you to choose from. It will be a tough time deciding what to go first haha..

For a start, the appetizers itself has so many types for you to pick from.


The buns and loaves, freshly appealing.

Now to the main dishes, 

Lasagna, oh it has been so long since I had this.

Grilled Salmon with Tomato Concasse.

Stir Fried Squid with Spices

Sauteed Potato with Onion and Herbs

Smoked Chicken with Onion Confit

Duck a l'Orange ( Duck Breast in Orange Sauce) is something that we don't always come by.

Mussels in Saffron with Leek and Herbs. This is amazing.

Fish Scaloppini ( Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce )

Navarin D'Agneau (Lamb Stewed in garlic Tomato Sauce)

Palourdes Au'Gratin (Baked Clams with Garlic Butter and Bread Crumbs)

Craving for some carvery? Don't worry, apart from the dishes that are on the buffet line, there is also the Daily Carvery station that serves Roasted Beef Steak.

Could I have more of those beef steak please ^^ I guess its Pizza time. Shown here is the Bruchetta Pizza.

Calamari Frites. Dipped with Tartar Sauce and it is just the best combination.

As for the Show Kitchen, there is the Chicken Gyro Wrap

Perhaps fancy some grilling? There is seafood and meat for you choose and the chef will be more than happy to grill them for you.

If you love your greens, then this is your stop, The salad bar. Tons of greens

Seafood lovers are certainly going to fall for the Seafood on Ice.

Now this is where you can toss your own salad. I know you will be extremely excited ,just don't over toss it LOL I am really thrilled and excited to share with you the desserts, I mean really good delicious desserts. When I first walked in, there the desserts was, greeting me as I walked in tho the cafe. It was like finding a mine of gold, but it was a mine of desserts. It was so appealing.

Oh my sweetness.. if only I had tons of compartments in my tummy to fill all of this.

Now the ultimate flow of chocolate. Chocolate lovers, I know you LOVE this section. With a variety of fruits n even marshmallows for you to coat them with chocolate. Heavenly.

Blueberry Cheesecake anyone?

Cakes and more cakes. 

I really loved this. <3 br="">

Oh wait, 2 types of cheesecake WOW..

The Bread and Butter Pudding, was told this was a big hit, but then I then realized I forgot to try this T.T

How can I resist such tempting art of desserts?

The mouth-watering desserts are prepared by G Hotels' Awards Winning Pastry Chef, Chef Tan Kwee Lian. Now that indicates why the desserts are simply gorgeous and appetizing. First look and it's already appealing.

I guess a buffet would not be complete with ice cream. G Cafe offer not any ordinary ice cream but Premium ice cream Gelatomio, which comes from Italy. Now aren't just the ice creams simply adorable. Sorry, but it goes into my tummy too nyam nyam nyam LOL..

All I can say is, the picture does much of the talking hehe..YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS buffet !!!

G Cafe offers daily themed buffet dinner from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. Paying adults are at RM108 ++ per person. G Cafe serves other theme buffet dinner as well. 

Why not  "Experience Mongolia" on Mondays while go Oriental on Wednesdays with diverse menu of over 50 kind of dishes orinating from all over Asia. Immerse yourself with the wonderful flavours of the Mediterranean on Thurdays. Into the Ocean on Fridays with the Seafood Feast BBQ Dinner Buffet. If you are a big fan of both food from the sea and land, then enjoy Steak and Lobster BBQ on every Saturday.

See you soon at G Cafe..

For reservations kindly contact +604 - 238 0000 or you may also email

Psst...Ramadhan is coming soon, stay tuned for their Buka Puasa Ramadhan Buffet. I'm sure it is gonna be an awesome spread of food.

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