Red Hott Penang, your spot for the ultimate hot dogs

It has always been the wave for burgers but how about hot dogs? Do you realized that when we watch english movies, sitcoms or drama series, there may be scenes of people stopping by stalls to grab hot dogs. It looked really interesting to have such but I guess such scene does not happen here but at least we have something almost similar but with a touch of creative improvisation  and your hot dog spot is called Red Hott, located at The One, Bayan Baru, Penang.

Red Hott has been serving thousands of hot dogs and entering their 2nd year in serving freshly made great hot dogs to their customers. Greeted by the friendly boss, the places has it's own unique interior decoration with some western touch. You may opt for the dining table seating or if you prefer you can also sit at the high chairs while enjoying every bite.

 The hot dogs back at Red Hott are the real deal, because it ain't those normal commercial hot dogs. Their hot dog sausages are made of 90 % pure meat and 10% of imported spices which makes every bite extraordinary. The hot dog sausages are custom made to their own secret recipe.  

Here is the variations of hot dogs available at Red Hott. Each and every hot dog has it's own unique taste. That makes a tough time thinking what to choose ..haha.. Well the easiest to start with is of course their best sellers. Was recommended their Terimayo Dog, which is their best seller and the 2nd best,Ultimate Dog. 

Presently, the hot dogs are being served with Poppy Seed buns. 

Chocolate Drink

Presenting you the Best Seller hot dog, the Terimayo Dog, with a taste of Japan. Teriyaki sauce, Japanese Mayonnaise and a very kind generous portion of seaweed on it.

Here is the Ultimate Dog. 

Topped with ingredients that makes it so ultimately good. Gherkins, onions, cheddar cheese, pepperoni chicken, mustard and barbecue sauce. 1 awesome full loaded hot dog. 

There are a few options for you to enjoy your hot dog sausages, at this moment there are 2 sizes for you to choose, the 6" and the 8". You may order just the sausages on it's own or have it with the bun or if you're looking for something that is better in value, you may consider the combo meal which consist of a hot dog, a drink and tater tots. 

You may wonder what is this Tater Tots? Frankly I myself have never come across of such. The only Tots i knew was Tumble Tots, a place where my niece used to go and play when little haha..

Tater Tots are actually deep-fried grated potatoes, small bite sizes. I can relate it to quite similar to hash browns but crispier. 

Red Hott not only serves as a place to dine but also as a place for you to gather with family and friends to some board and card games too. Interesting right? Shown below is some of the board and card games made available for customers to have fun.

Let the games begin ^^

Something that you will not usually find in a F&B outlet, a table football. But there is one back here. More fun added to your dining experience.

Surprisingly, you will find frozen yogurt ( froyo / frogurt ) being served here too. Unlike the norms, where you fill your cup and be billed base on the weight. They serve a standard 150g per serving with comes with a free topping. 

They usually serve the original and a flavoured. 

Here is the berry berry flavour. Made from fresh ingredients. You are able to find small bits of the fruits in it and definitely will not find icy particles in this.   

Here is an offer not to be missed, with a minumum spend of RM 20, you are entitled to purchase a 150g of frozen yogurt that comes with free 1 topping at 50% off. Which means that your frozen yogurt will only cost you RM 3.45. Isn't that a great deal? 

Want to try your luck on winning cash voucher worth RM 15.00? Here's how-
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Good Luck ^^

So sit back relax, enjoy some board & card games while enjoying delicious fresh made hot dogs at Red Hott. Taste It, Love It 

Location : 2-1-16, The One, Tingkat Mahsuri 5, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang
E-mail :
Open : Monday - Saturday
Operating hours : 10.00 am - 10.00 pm