Nico & Vinz - New Album "Black Star Elephant" & Hit Single "Am I Wrong"

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia

Warner Music Malaysia and I, we are extremely excited to present you an international music sensation, Nico & Vinz. The talented duo whom hails all the way from Oslo, Norway has gained much international success and now their chart topping single "Am I Wrong" taken from the album "Black Star Elephant" is a big hit in our Malaysian shores. The single was officially released back here in Malaysia on the 16th September 2014. In fact, the song itself is being well received by our local radio stations.

With their Norwegian and African background, which is clearly noticeable through the African types of drums and guitar in the song, produces such catchy melody and afrobeat that it is sure to make you shake on the dance floor when you hear it.

"Am I Wrong" was awarded NRJ Award for "Song of the Year" and nominated for Spellemen Award for "Hit of the Year" category. To date, Nico & Vinz has been awarded 20x Platinum combined certification in Scandinavia.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia

Did you know that for Nico, music was not his thing but it was soccer while for Vinz it was rapping. The duo first started working together 5 years ago with a clear vision of making magic in the studio and travel the world to share their artistry with everyone they can.

They have been through struggles and their determination has finally paid off. It shows that when you believe in something that you believe in doing, it will pay off eventually. Taken from a recent interview,

Nico & Vinz : I  know that I have always believed in dreams ever since I was a kid but there were doubts from people around us and that sometimes can affect you. If you hear it too many times that “this is not going to work”, it might affect you, no matter how strong you are, it affects you. We had a lot of people around us who has been a bit skeptical to our dream of course and that’s why we wrote that song actually. Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real? Am I wrong for thinking this can happen? Why am I wrong? Why is this so weird for me to think this way? So, that is like that the foundation of the song and we just inspire people and encourage people to follow their hearts, follow their dreams and their goals and do what they wanted to do. We have been through the same thing so somebody else can do the same thing.

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia

Nico & Vinz have honed a unique sound of their own and that uniqueness that they have makes this new group one to watch. I am sure we will be looking forward to their next upcoming single soon from their "Black Star Elephant".