QE II - Oktoberfest 2014

QE II recently had their Oktoberfest celebration on the 11th October 2014. With tons of fun filled activities throughout the night. It was indeed a night of pure excitement.

Despite being a wet weather, that did not dampen the Penangites' spirit of celebrating Oktoberfest. Best of all, it was being on the sea. 

And this is where the party begins!

Greeted by lovely roving ladies dressed in Dirndl, a traditional dress worn in Germany.

These people are definitely excited for the event.

Party decorations with the Oktoberfest ambiance. 

As QE II sits on the sea, it has a very night view. Such a perfect spot to sit back relax while chilling with friends.

Alexander Yuen, a talented magician all the way from Singapore was seen going round tables to perform some magic tricks. One of the tricks that I must say, pretty awesome was he used an iPad and he sticked a tap on to it and beer was flowing out from it. Ain't kidding. How cool is that? 

Oompah band all the way from Germany were there to entertain the crowd.

It is time to Prost! which means cheers...like how the locals do it...yummmmmmm sengggg haha.. 

The guest all in a very jovial mood and ready to Prost!

First game was 'Pretzels, more pretzels'. It was fun seeing how the ladies were "fishing" the guys using Pretzels haha.. the ladies just had to hold a stick which was tied with a pretzel while the guys had to eat everything without using their hands. haha..

There were many other fun activites thereafter but I had to make a move earlier. Sad. But nevertheless I had much fun being there.

Thank you QE II  for hosting us :) 

QE II - On The Sea
Tanjung City Marina, Church St. Pier
8A, Pangkalan Weld, Georgetown,
10300 Penang, Malaysia
+604 - 2612126

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