Dine This Chinese New Year at Idealite, Penang.

With Chinese New Year approaching, many will be thinking where to have their reunion or even meals during Chinese New Year? Idealite is no stranger when it comes to healthy vegetarian dining and they have come up with a prosperous menu with a healthy variations for you and everyone to enjoy.

For a start, there's the Lou Shang which is made out of fresh vegetables. With a selection of fresh ingredients and sea birds nest tossed with a special mixture of plum sauce and brown rice enzyme. They say the higher you toss the better luck it brings. So remember to toss it high. 

Huat ahhhhh! 

The Smooth and Happy Appetizer is sort of like the 4 seasons dish which we usually get in chinese restaurants. The 4 items are mutton, pataya salad, scallop and dumpling.

The Nourishing Soup as you see, you may assume it could be some normal tasteless vegetarian soup but it was beyond expectations. The soup is rich with a mixture of different mushrooms and wolfberries that makes the soup taste deliciously good.

This fish that you see ain't no normal fish as it is the Wealth and Prosperity Taro Fish. Made from taro (yam), while it is hand-shaped into a shape of a fish where it is crispy on the outside. One bite and you will be wanting of it.

Treasure Pot (Phen Chai), a traditional dish that symbolises prosperity and abundance. Idealite has come with their version that contains broccoli, papaya, taro, white radish, pumpkin, carrot, seaweed, chinese cabbage, goji berries, baby bak choi, harisium (monkey head mushroom), abalone mushroom, arigi mushroom, eryngii mushroom and shitake mushroom. Definitely one gastronomical satisfaction. 

The Auspicious Golden Crispy Salmon made from carrots and organic oat milk served with fresh salad, pure mashed potatoes as well as mint sauce. The salmon has a crispy outer and a tender inner.

Fortune Claypot Rice is a special rice dish made from brown rice, capsicum, Himalaya Sauce among other ingredients. The fried tofu skin are added into the dish to give it a rather unique twist.

Ideal Fo Tiao Qiang is a famous dish originated from the Hokkien/ Fujian province in China. Made from eryngii mushroom,shark fin melon, konjac, organic bamboo shoot, abalone mushroom, mushrooms, ginseng and dang gui. It is known that this healthy soup nourishing soup improves your overall well being, wards away lethargy and sickness.

Nothing like ending the delightful meal with a nice refreshing dessert, called the Fruitful Year. This delicious dessert contains wolfberries, white fungus and red dates.

When you dine at Idealite, you know that your food is balanced-butrients, whole-grained, meatless, free from usage of microwave and no transfat.

For this Chinese New Year, Idealite has come up with a Prosperity Menu suitable for every occasions this festive celebration. Shown here is their menu for you to choose from. 

There is also set meals that caters for 3-4 persons too.

For reservations, kindly contact Idealite Gottlieb Road at 04-226 3650.

Thanking Idealite for hosting.

Wishing All a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year.

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