Autumn Indulgence Mooncakes by Tai Thong

The name and brand, Tai Thong is no stranger when it comes to Mooncakes. When people talk about mooncakes, usually Tai Thong will be one of the names people will mention. So for this year, with the theme "Autumn Indulgence", Tai Thong brings you 4 new exciting creations among the usual favourites.

I was truly fortunate to be given the opportunity to indulge in the amazing Tai Thong mooncakes which was send all the way down from KL. Appreciate it.

Packaged in a simple yet elegant packaging. I received 4 awesome flavours which 2 of it was the new flavours. The Blueberry Lotus with Dried Fruits and Assorted Seeds while the other was the Orange Lotus with Palm Sugar and Assorted Seeds. The other 2 baked skin were the Jade Custard and Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk.  

Blueberry Lotus with Dried Fruits and Assorted Seeds 

Never have I tried blueberry mooncake before and this was my first and I personally love this one. The aromatic that came from the blueberry and the dried fruits really appeals on the first bite. Each bite burst with such fruity taste and it is packed with dried fruits and seeds makes you craving for more.  

 Orange Lotus with Palm Sugar and Assorted Seeds

The zesty citrus from the orange gives and richness of taste from the palm sugar, brings such uniqueness.
  Black Sesame White Lotus Single Yolk.  

To my horror, for a moment I initially thought the whole mooncake was filled with black sesame. haha But it had the right amount of black sessame to give you that nice sesame taste and aroma and hey yolk is my thing for mooncakes :)

 Jade Custard   

Simple yet delicious. Frangrance from the pandan paste with creamy custard in the middle. 

Each flavour has its own uniqueness and Tai Thong has a whole load of variations of Baked Skin and Snow Skin Mooncakes for this Mid-Autumn festival. Best of all, the mooncakes are free of artificial colouring and flavouring. Which means you get fresh and  pure ingredients. All mooncakes by Tai Thong are certified HALAL by JAKIM and HACCP compliant.

So share the joy with our Family, Friends as well as our Muslim friends too :)

To learn further where you can get hold of the mooncakes or to know what is available for this year 
 ,click here for Tai Thong Autumn Indulgence 2015 Brochure

Thanking Tai Thong for the arrangement and the wonderful mooncakes :)

For more information:
Call 1-800-88-2338 or you may email
Tai Thong Website / Tai Thong FB

Pssst...look even "pacman" is going after Tai Thong's mooncake.. XD