59sixty Dining Room & Lounge, The Top Penang Offers Buffet with Spectacular Panoramic Penang View

It was the talk of the town about the newly opened place way up high in the towering building of KOMTAR. Penang welcomes the latest addition to its list of landmarks, The Top, a revitalized urban icon, conceptualized and brought to life by Only World Group Holdings Berhad or known as "OWG".  

 I am indeed very fortunate to be given the chance to be at 59sixty Dining Room & Lounge. Upon exiting the lift and as you enter the dining area, the very first thing that will take place will be the "jaw dropping" moment haha. A breathtaking panoramic view of Penang that I myself have never seen such in my entire life, will definitely just blow you away. So as you turn to your left and right, you will see the dining area which is set in a Mediterranean theme oh white n sky blue tone, as well as a wide buffet food spread from international cuisines right up to our local dishes, which awaits guest to enjoy away. 

Ok lets have a look at what they have in-store for us.

Chef Jason and the team brought us the whole area of 59sixty Dining Room and Lounge, he was seen telling that there buffet spread consist of a mix of delicious Chinese, Nyonya, Western, Middle Eastern and Japanese cuisines. Well not forgetting the fresh seafood delicacies. Just listening to that has intrigue me to explore what was served as it did look like one would be spoilt for choice.

Alright it's the time to let you drool over the amazing yet delicious spread. Starting off with the appetizers and salad bar. First glance and it is already so welcoming.  


A few varieties of dressings are made available such as Mustard, Lemon Grass Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island among others as well as condiments to go with your salad. 

Well not only that, there is also variation of dip for you to explore. There is Salsa, Pesto, Olive Tapenade, and Beet Root too

There were two types of soup served that night, one was a seafood soup while the other was tomato soup. There is a few choices of bread for you to choose which would compliment the soup well.

For the Chinese and local section, there were dim sum, noodles, our well known item-satay, roasted duck and chicken amongst others. 

To the food from the land of the rising sun, various sushi and tempura too are available for to you enjoy.  

If you like pasta, then you you will be happy to find the pasta station. Choose your favourite kind of pasta and your choice of sauce. Happy to find my cream carbonara is also available.  

Seafood lovers, oh you will so love this! The norms are usually for instance, crabs are usually cooked ready and served on the buffet line but back here, it's cooked upon your order and the best part of it, there is different types of sauce for you to have. Be it Kam Hiong, Cheese Sauce, Chilly, Butter Sauce or even BBQ , there is sure someone's favourite sauce.

It doesn't only stop there, there is also the seafood on ice. It's such a joy to know that they serve slipper lobsters, prawns, oysters and scallops. 

Or perhaps this huge salmon will interest you?

Well moving onto the main hot dishes, 59sixty does some how stand out from the usual buffets you get. The kind of food serve is comparatively unique and different from the usual food you get at other buffets. Hot items were Braised BBQ Ox Cheek, Braised Lamb with Tomato, Lobster Cream Sauce, Scallop Egg Sauce and many more.

Nothing like ending the meal with heavenly sweet treats. A metter of fact, it was quite an amount of desserts at the dessert counter. From puddings, to different kind of cakes, red velvet, desserts in cups, cup cakes, ice cream and the list goes on. So many that as a dessert lover, I think the desserts are good enough to be my starters right up to desserts haha.

Chocolate fountain always catches the eye.

Now this is really interesting. Heard of fried ice cream but how about stir-fried ice cream? This is my very first encounter and I've learn about this which is popular in Thailand. It's a milk mixture which is poured onto a iced grill which is then mixed with fruits. Something really extraordinary.

Well not forgetting a selection of fruits, local sweet soup dessert as well as beverages.

On overall, I must admit that dining here has been something beyond expectations. Though many months ago, the place had many not so positive feedbacks from diners, but after the revamping of the place, I must say it was a wonderful experience. Food tasted good, buffet line had heaps of food and surprisingly, the staffs there had such great level of attentiveness and friendliness towards diners. Something which is hard to come across and kudos to that. And with a spectacular view, what more could one ask for!

If you wanna surprise you loved ones in a more romantic setting, there is also a section where it is set in such romantic manner that any lovers or couple will love it. Imagine sitting by the glass panel, enjoying your meal accompanied by your loved one and a magnificient view.

Want to see what is it like looking from down from 59sixty?
Here it is..

Buffet Lunch
12.00pm - 2.30pm
Mon to Fri - RM 88 nett
Weekend - RM 98 nett

Buffet Dinner
6.30pm - 10.00pm
All day -  RM 168 nett

Reservations : 04 - 2625960 / 017 - 2890255

Thanking the team at OWG and 59sixty for hosting.

Kindly take note that it would be better for you to make reservations before hand. For the comfort of the diners, the place is open exclusively only to diners. 

You can access 59sixty Dining Room & Lounge, via the main lift entrance where the Information Counter is located just beside Maybank KOMTAR.

There will be assigned ushers to lead you up from the Ground Floor.

Interested in English High Tea at 59sixty Dining Room & Lounge? 
Read more about it here

Or maybe an evening getaway, sitting back chilling at the Lounge on 60 which also host wine and cigar bar where it is all about comfort and pleasure.  Don't miss to be entertained by live band performances at a later time of the day. 

For more information:
59sixty Dining Room & Lounge
level 59 & 60 Komtar,
Jalan Penang,
10000 Penang
Reservations/Enquiry : 04 - 2625960 / 017 - 2890255


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    1. Oh yes..as wide as the 360 view haha...perhaps maybe 300degree wide filled with food lol..thanks for popping by though :)

  2. awesome!!will go there next week :)


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