Soju Penang Unveils New Facelift with a Grand Masquerade Party

I has been a while since I my last clubbing scene. Yea you know, DJ hits the music, and the whole crowd shake shake haha... Infact I was really fortunate and indeed a pleasant surprise when I got an exclusive invitation to Soju Penang's Masquerade Party which celebrated the reopening of the place with ultra-chic interiors, avant-garde audio visual systems as well as extensive menus of performances and premium booze. Wohooooo...well you can't blame me, we are talking about Soju Penang, one of Penang's premier place for clubbing and well it was my very first to a Masquerade Party afterall. So the excitement and thrill was there definitely.

Located at the lower ground of Entertainment City, Penang Times Square, Soju Penang welcomes clubbers with an interesting walkway as you approach the entrance. Very much like Moulin Rouge concept where for a minute, I thought they had mannequins behind the glass panels but it was actually human. Very interesting concept.

Gorgeous hostess were all set to greet the clubbers as more and more started coming in droves. It started off with a cocktail reception, mingle around and not to miss the chance to take pose for photos with the backdrop. A pleasant surprise that caught the eyes were stilt walkers who were seen proffering green cocktails – a unique concoction by the club’s prolific mixologist.

Beyond this laser beams is where the party lies. Frankly, mostly everybody who walked passed this laser beams were rather fascinated with it. I know for sure that I was one of them haha..

I must say, I'm rather impressed with the brand new clubbing experience Soju Penang has to offer. 

The first opening act was an aerial dancer from Romania where he performed difficult feats, leaving most of the people there with their jaws dropped while they looked at him in astonishment. Aerial performance is something that you don't normally find in a nightclub. 

Up next was Metro, Metro, an eight-piece outfit from the Philippines then took over the stage and set all musical souls on fire with chart-topping choons which had people on their feet dancing and their hands up in the air with excitement. 

Resident DJs of Soju Penang then took over the show. Spinning and working up the dancefloor with head-bobbing music mixes, turning the crowd into clubbing fanatics which included me :) put your hands up in the air! 

On certain time slot, there was also the pole dance performance. The performer had this high boots with killer heels on and started performing amazing stunts while holding onto the pole.   

Climax of the night has to got be when Mocha Girls appeared. Mocha Girls were the highlight of the night. Hailing all the way from Philipines, the 6-piece girl group sure did paint the town red with their hallmark booty dance. Random lucky girls and guys were chosen to join them on stage for some quick games while the crowed were entertained as they were instructed to follow the sexy dance moves taught by members of the Mocha Girls. Oh it was so hilarious looking at how some of them tried imitating the dance moves haha Lucky winners walked away with tshirts bearing the Mocha Girls initial on it.  

Before the party ended, fantastic laser lighting display took place before the curtain fell, showcasing state-of-the-art multimedia facilities of the club. 

So next time, if you are planning to party away, make sure to head over to Soju Penang for one of the best clubbing experience. 

Thanking the team at Soju Penang for hosting with such warm hospitality and VIP treatment. 

For more information:
Soju Penang
B2, Entertainment City, 
Penang Time Square,
10150 Penang
Opening hours : Mon - Sat 9pm-3am
Reservations : 012 - 5565876 / 04-2103082