Anchor Say Cheese - The Cream Cheese Indulgence at Bread History Penang

When I think about cream cheese, dessert comes to my mind. Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia has recently embark on a new initiative called Anchor Say Cheese campaign. The purpose of it is to get more people to experience its best-selling Anchor Cream Cheese through exclusive edition Anchor-branded dessert creations which is made available nation wide. This innovative approach might possibly be the first initiative of its kind amongst retail brands and it is the world’s first Anchor-branded Dessert Creation.


The delectable cream cheese indulgences include Kaien Chizu Tart, Winter Magma and Karui Snow Cake and were created by Fonterra’s own in-house patisserie chefs using Anchor Cream Cheese, and other Anchor products such as Anchor Cream, Anchor Butter and Anchor Cheese Slices. Its divine creamy goodness and taste will leave dessert lovers craving for more.

“Through this initiative, we wanted more people to get a taste of scrumptious desserts made mainly of Anchor products with the Anchor Cream Cheese as the key ingredient. The desserts also include the use of Anchor Cream, Anchor Butter and Anchor Cheese Slices. What you will get is a consistent taste of quality that Anchor is renowned for,” Linda Tan, Head of Fonterra Foodservices
The signature desserts took months to create and to perfect. They are favourites in line with current world dessert trends whereby Korean and Japanese inspired desserts are all the raves.

I was fortunate to be there at Bread History at Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang to experience their 3 delectable desserts.  

Starting off with the Kaien Chizu Tart, a sea salt cream tart which gave such luscious taste from the rich cream cheese filling of Anchor Cream Cheese and is then topped with melted sliced cheese. Each bite of the rich filling with a tinge of sourness of lemon and the biscuit crust will definitely make one craving for more. 

Chocoholics, you're in for a wonderful treat. The Winter Magma will surely entice you. A taste of it and you will love the chocolate soufflĂ© melting in you mouth and the cream cheese centre that make's it a perfect match. 

If you prefer something more fruity, then the Karui Snow Cake would be your choice. Light vanilla chiffon filled with a refreshing taste of mango passion cream cheese filling, topped with butter almond crumble. 

These cream cheese indulgences are available at selected bakery partners throughout Malaysia from now until the end of January 2016. They are sold in boxes of two’s and four’s. A box of 2pcs of Kaien Chizu Tart, priced from RM11.00 per box, while a box of  Karui Snow Cake or two Winter Magma is priced at RM 9.00 perbox. The box of four’s, contains two Karui Snow Cake and two Winter Magma, is priced from RM18.00 per box. The pricing varies by bakery. Click HERE  to locate the nearest Bread History Outlet near you.

Euro Bakery in Sabah, SDS Bakery in Johor Bahru and Fung Seng in Muar. Each bakery will reproduce the recipes with their own signature style, sold in specially made Anchor packaging.

Dessert connoisseurs are definitely in for a treat as they can embark on a dessert trail to taste the unique twists to these Anchor desserts across Malaysia.