Club Cheval with Discipline

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia
Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba, and Pnateros666 makes up the electronic music supergroup called Club Cheval which originates from Lille, Northern France. Each of them had a unique visionary from across the varied and vibrant French club music scene - come together they bounce off one another, daring each other with new ideas and striving to better one another.

To understand their future, you have to understand Club Cheval’s past. They first met as students in Lille, Northern France and quickly bonded over a love of music and a desire to experiment. From there they branched out, making gains in their own solo careers but most importantly they have always returned to the group - each time with new ideas and styles at their fingertips.

Their first release came via Brodinski’s essential Bromance label and Club Cheval have released two EPs on the label, including ‘Decisions’ in 2012. Working out of a Paris based studio, the four members of Club Cheval have also remixed artists as diverse as Rihanna, Underworld or Two Door Cinema Club - giving each one the mythical Club Cheval energy.

While it’s hard to place just what it is that makes Club cheval work - Panteros666  is best with rhythm and percussion; Canblaster caters for melodies; Myd excels at cutting and sampling; and Sam’s focus is on the vocal production - it’s the moments in which they crossover  which really provides something special. Club cheval met DJ Kore, who provided an external and solid mind to maximise their ideas and safeguard their musical vision.

“What you have to keep in mind is that most of us started producing music for the club,” explains Club cheval. “At first we just wanted to make people dance but that has evolved into something more like actual songs. We have electronic influences, R&B influences. We have a pop thing going on, it’s music that's understandable but completely unique.”

Adapt, innovate, combine, create – this is the Club cheval way. As they say so perfectly, “Evolution is in our music’s DNA. We’re always discovering new types of music that go with new emotions, new things we experience in life, and we share them among us. Our musical vibes are ever changing.”

Check out their latest single ‘Discipline’ here here

Written in collaboration with Warner Music Malaysia