Wedding Food Packages at Sea Queen Restaurant, Straits Quay Penang

Get married and planning for a wedding banquet soon? Well you are in luck as you can now have your special day banquet at Sea Queen Restaurant. Located at the end of Straits Quay just by the sea gives you an option to also have your garden wedding reception there too. Or perhaps how about arrival on a yatch? 

Sea Queen offers 5 wedding packages for you to choose from namely Pearl, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamod. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to try the dishes and will be sharing with you more about the Emerald package. 

The Emerald package consist of 9 items in the menu unlike the norms of 8 items.

To start off, the first dish was the Five Hot & Cold Combination Platter which consisted of smoked duck with jellyfish, stir fried vegetables with seafood, ham and seaweed roll, meat and crab roll and a pear shaped filled with curry potato. 

The next item is the Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Meat. I liked as the richness in flavour and a whole load of ingredients was found in the soup.

After a delicious bowl of the soup, it was time for Stewed Chicken with Chinese Herbs. Well I wasn't sure was it because of my taste buds that is so used to the ones that has a more stronger herb flavours, because the one here was rather very mild.  The chicken was tender and nice, it would have been great if the herbs could give that kick it lacks.

Next up is the Steamed Snapper with Siamese Sauce. Siamese sauce, something interesting but somehow the sauce wasn't really much of a surprise. The fish was fresh though.

When it comes to prawns during wedding banquet, Sea Queen is serving Pan Fried Sea Prawn for a change. Fresh succulent prawns fried with a nice flavored sauce.

 A common vege dish of broccoli and mushrooms found in most functions, back here it's Braised Trio Mushroom with Bean Curd Roots and Bean Curd Puff. A nice combination. 

Time for some rice and the item served is the Steamed Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. While using rice instead of glutinous rice does give the dish a different taste but it was still good. 

Now time for desserts. Chilled longan with syrup.

The Sweet Fancy Double Delights is something rather interesting. The yellow one was like some small buns with custard fillings while the green one was more of like a mochi with a paste filling. 

Here is an set up of a wedding banquet.

Here is the wedding packages menu by Sea Queen Restaurant. They are open to adjustments catered to you needs and a few halls which could cater various amount of pax. 

Sea Queen also offers ala carte as well as set lunch. Read more 

Thanking Sea Queen Restaurant for hosting.

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