White Sensation at Soju Autocity Penang

It was indeed another pleasant surprise to be receiving an invitation to party away at Soju but this time around was at Soju Autocity. Wohoooo! Please excuse my excitement as this is my first time stepping into Soju Autocity :) 

Party goers were dressed in white as the theme for the night was "White Sensation". As I started my way to the flight of steps at the entrance, the gorgeous and friendly hostess were there ever-ready with a warm welcome. I actually liked the ambiance set-up they did to the stairs area. Everything was white; lights, balloons, the hostess was in white which gives you that ready to party mood instantly. Of course it attracted many to stop and snap a few shots and me not missing that opportunity as well with some selfie shots haha.

Alright peeps, let's see what Soju Autocity is all about. Making my way in as if I was going through some different dimension haha. A white cloth was used to curtain the clubbing arena and upon opening it, my jaws dropped in amazement. I am sure that anybody who enters will instantly be amazed and thrilled upon seeing the ultra-chic interior that Soju Autocity has.

One of the thing that caught my attention was the runway platform which ends with a heart shaped arch. I guess every Soju outlet has their very own uniqueness to their clubbing scene. 

Satrina kicked start the party with performance that showcased her powerful vocals. Followed  by many more exciting performances by talents such as 7 Gear and DND. I was so so so happy when they performed Stop by Spice Girls. 

The gorgeous ladies and hunky guys from Romania then took over the runway and showed off their dance moves to background music.  

Roro from Romania then took the attention of the club with his difficult aerial feats. Showcasing movements with great strength leaving many guest with their jaws dropped in awe.

The intensifying performance does not stop there, Larry who also hails from Romania, who appeared twice once performing extraordinary acts on a ring and stunning pole feats. Such great flexibility and strength. This kind of acts are truly something very unusual for night clubs and I think Soju has brought it to a whole new level.

Then came the moment that everyone had been waiting for, the highlight of the night, Supermodel and one of Korea's top DJ / Rapper, DJ Rana heated up the dance floor as she spins chart-topping tunes with EDM getting clubbers on their feet while throwing their hands up in the air. Well did you know, DJ Rana is more than just a DJ. She is also of K-Pop girls group "9 Muses" & SBS Supermodel Champion.

Meanwhile as DJ Rana spins, Robots dressed up in suits of LED lightings appeared with such captivating laser beam lights performance.  

Soju Autocity has so many interesting programs lined up that will just keep you entertained all night long. The next performance was something electrifying as well. 

Birthday babies were invited on the runway for a birthday surprise as well. Now how cool is that.

Satrina appeared on stage again and this time singing one of my favourite songs at this moment, Flashlight by Jessie J. The song got into the mood when ravers turned on their flashlight, swaying to the song. 

It was time to flame the heat up into fire. Soju Autocity's bartender showed his skills with fascinating stunts while the flames were lit. I was truly lucky to be right in front to be seeing it happen. 

Last but not least, it was that time where Soju turns its outlet into a magical place with spectacular laser lighting display just before the curtain falls. 

So next time, if you are planning to party away, make sure to head over to Soju Penang for one of the best clubbing experience. As you can see the extensive menu of performances at Soju will definitely keep you entertained every single moment. 

Thanking the team at Soju Penang for hosting with such warm hospitality and VVIP treatment.
For more information:

Soju Penang
1824-F1, 1825-F1 & 1826-F1
Jalan Perusahaan Autocity,
North-South Highway,
Juru Interchange,
13600 Prai,
Reservations : 012-523 8826 

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