Downtown Art Heritage Cafe Penang

Downtown Art Heritage Cafe is nestled in the heritage trail zone surrounded by historical landmarks and cultural places in Georgetown, Penang. It is definitely a place where art meets cafe. A step into the premise and you will find it set in a rather cozy ambiance.

Let's look at what Downtown Art Heritage Cafe has to offer. 

First in line was the appetizing Italian Sausage with Tamatoes Baked (RM18). A cheesy meal with delicious pieces of Italian Sausage goes perfectly well with the pieces of garlic bread that is served along with. 

Next up was the Four Cheese Shrimp Sandwich (RM16). This is one sandwich that will certainly make seafood lover wanting more. You get deep fried coated shrimps on the outside and chopped up pieces of shrimps in the filling as well. Every bite is simply luxurious.

One of the main attraction of the cafe is the Nasi Ketuk (RM25). Something rather unusual, yet is it a very popular native dish that is richly cooked with combination of various local herbs and spices. The rice is cooked with blue pea flower and is served with a flavourful chicken rendang.

Alternatively, you may also try their Nasi Lemak Sotong (RM14). Oddly the rice isn't cooked with coconut milk but with a tinge of lemongrass in it. Well for those who can't really stand spiciness, I woulnd't suggest to getting near this because once it goes into your mouth, it's the later stage that gives you the spicy punch. Though it is addictive that you just love the taste of the sambal but if you love spicy food especially with squid, you will certainly love this dish.

Now how about taking satay to a whole new level? The Lemongrass Chicken (RM12) will certainly make you wanting more. Marinated pan seared chicken fillets, served with their very ownmade peanut sauce. Having both of it gives you such a nice aroma and taste in every bite.

Now time to cool down with some delightful drinks. The House's Special (RM7) is certainly an eye catcher. The drink is made from rose syrup, topped with vanilla ice cream and a generous serving of basil seeds. 

The Honeydew Float (RM10) is something you could also try. Fresh watermelon juice served with vanilla ice cream and topped with small chunks of fresh honeydew fruits. 

The Orange Lassi (RM16) is definitely your drink if you love something refreshing as well as yoghurty. 

Last but not least, it was time for desserts. Homemade Chocolate Brownie served Vanilla Ice cream (RM12) was something quite ordinary though. Preferred the brownie to be more of a heavier sort of cake. But it was still nice with the ice cream.

Cempedak Cake served with vanilla ice cream (RM12) is something that you don't commonly find in all cafes. Trust me this is a bomb. I could smell the fragrant aroma when the cake was heated. That with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Deliciously good.

I spotted the Oreo Cheesecake they had in the cake display. It looked heavenly but unfortunately it was not in our food tasting review. If you are there and you spot that, don't miss on that. I bet it must be awesomely good.

Ok so it has been all about food n food n more food. So where's the art? The owner is a talented artist. She has such amazing arts. Talented and skillful. If you are there, you will notice her masterpieces hanging on the wall. In fact, every now and then, they have an art exhibition upstairs. The place is also open for functions.

Thanking Downtown Art Heritage Cafe for hosting.

*Prices shown are subjected to 6% GST and cash term only.

For more information
Downtown Art Heritage Cafe
149, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Penang.
Tel : +604-261 1303
Opens daily 11am-6pm (Closed on Thurday)
GPS: 5.4154892, 100.337095