US Pizza, Penang Is The Place To Pizza

When I think about US Pizza, it reminds me of when I was still a little kid going to the outlet in Island Plaza. It was indeed a privilege for me to be given the chance to review US Pizza. 

Let's see what they have in store for us. 

Starting of with some delightful starters/appetizers.

Italian Grilled Chicken Salad ( RM12.50 )
Though the variation of salad seems a little normal but the Italian grilled chicken was nice. Fragrant aroma with nice juicy bites of chicken pieces.

Florida Honey Wings ( RM13.95-8pcs ) 
Chicken wings glazed with honey brings such nice flavour when barbecued. 

New York Wings ( RM12.95-8pcs )
Barbecued with Original Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce. Something very different.

Cinnamon Twisty Bread ( RM3.95 )
Small pieces of twisted bread which is sprinkled with cinnamon has such nice sweet and cinnamon aroma with every bite.

Crazi Garlic Twist ( RM3.95 )
One of the recommended items on the menu. The garlic give the bread such nice flavour that certainly makes you craving for more. 

Mushroom Soup (RM 5.95)
Thick and creamy with generous chunks of mushroom. Goes well with the Crazi Garlic Twist too. 

Alright, now to the main helping of pizzas. The San Francisco Fabolous 4 is rather something special and appealing to the eyes and tastebuds. You may now enjoy it for only RM38, which is promotional pricing as it's a new item and is available all day long (till further notice). Normal price will be RM52.95.

What makes the pizza unique is this 
(i) US Pizza Made Carbonara Sauce, Tempura Prawn, Chunky Crabmeat stick, Capsicum, Mayonnaise, Mix Herbs, Onion
(ii) US Pizza Made Carbonara Sauce, Spicy Chicken, Capsicum, Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple, Cayenne Pepper
(iii) US PIZZA Made Duncan Sauce, BBQ Smoked Duck, Onion, Pineapple
(iv) US PIZZA Made Duncan Sauce, Chicken and Beef Pepperoni, Pineapple, Onion)
They are currently having this Fantastic 4 deal which comes in a set of 4 pieces of  6" Crunchy Pizza is priced at an affordable RM32.95
Crust selection:
Original Hand Tossed : no additional charges
Thin N Crunchy : Add on RM1.50 for Regular and RM2.50 for Large
Garlic Cheese : Add on RM1.50 for Regular and RM2.50 for Large

Crust - US Pizza Thin&Crunchy Crust 

Apart from that US Pizza is also having the all new 6" Crunchy Pizza ( RM12.95 ) which is available on all existing flavours. The crust is crunchier compared to the existing thin&crunchy pizza available on regular and large as it's baked further, so you able to enjoy the crunches of the pizza.

Last Pizza we had was the regular half and half Pizza. It consisted of the Ocean Delite & Vegi Lover. Infact you could actually customized your own pizza to your liking, be it either choosing your own ingredients to make your very own pizza or you may even opt for the half and half by topping up only RM2. The regular Hand Tossed Pizza (9")  is priced at RM23.95

US Pizza Lagsana (Chicken) - RM19.50
Alternatively you may also try their US Pizza Lasagna which comes either with chicken or beef. Each bite burst in such nice flavours and cheesy meaty pasta taste. 

Ocean Carbonara - RM17.50
Prawns and crab meat with nicely flavoured carbonara cream sauce. 

If you are a chocoholic, don't forget to try their chocolate milkshake. Chocoliciously good.

You may also take a look at the posters below for see the various promotions by US Pizza. 


Thanking US Pizza for hosting and for the wholesome pizzas.

For more information

US Pizza
3D, Lorong Delima Satu,
11700 Greenlane,
Tel : 604-655 2828 , 1300-22-3838