Christmas and New Year Feasts at G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai, Penang

It felt like it was just yesterday when I was at G Hotel last year doing Christmas review. A year forward and here I am, at the brand new Taste Cafe. The previous G Cafe underwent a major renovation and Taste Cafe is born. One of the attraction feature is the BBQ grill using Lava Stone which is imported all the way from Indonesia. Which is first of its kind here in Penang.

First glance into the cafe and the cozy ambiance welcomes you to a dining pleasure. Christmas is just a week away and the chefs at Taste Cafe has whip up a lavish spread of buffet for you to celebrate during this festive season.

Ho! Ho! Ho! let's have a look at what awaits us :)

Starting off with the wide range of appetizers such as Cheese Platter with Nuts, Dried Fruits and Pickled Fruits. I must say not many places offers such cheese platter and it's good to know that Taste Cafe offers quite a range of cheese for you to start with. That sums up to 4 kinds of cheese, 6 types of dried fruits, 6 types of nute and 2 crackers.

Make your own salad with the wide choices of fresh vegetables at the salad bar. Mix and top it up with the different dressings and condiments made available. 

Apart from that, you will also find salads such as Turkey Salad, Prawn Salad, Apple Salad and Mushroom Salad.

By the side, lays an attractive layout of assorted cold cuts and get some taste of Japan with sushi.

Seafood lovers you are in for a treat as the Seafood on Ice section offers Chilled Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Scallops.

How about some warm soup such as Creamy Carrot Soup and Braised Dried Scallop and Crab Meat Soup together with freshly prepared buns and loaves. 

Over to the Kitchen Live Cooking section, you will find delicious Chicken Quesadilla and cheezy-licious assorted pizzas.

Big fan of pasta? You are so going to love this as the pasta station offers pasta cooked upon order. Choose from penne, spaghetti or linguine cooked with either napolitana, bolognaise or my all-time fav sauce, Carbonara.

Christmas feast wouldn't be complete with this next items. Some carvery items that would just spice up the feast such as Roasted Prime Beef and most importantly the Roasted Turkey. The tender juicy turkey with apple cranberry sauce just makes the whole Christmas meal complete.  

Onto the outside area of the cafe, that is where the meat and seafood meet-up on the BBQ grilling using the Lava Stone all the way from Indonesia. You may wonder why lava stone? Lava stone absorbs, hold and reflect heat, which mean it does a much better job in grilling. Using Lava Stone somehow does grill even more yummier food. 

There is so many for you to choose from. There's salmon, cat fish, squids, king prawn, minute steak, slipper lobster, lamb chop, chorizo and bratwurst sausage awaits you. Just tell the chef what you would like to have and you are on you way to an awesome lava stone BBQ grilled food. 

I hope there still much space in your tummy for even more glorious food to come. Hot from the chafing dish another load of delicious cuisine awaits.

Almond Butter Rice

Fried Udon Noodle with Seafood

Buttered Herb New Potatoes

Turkey Schnitzel
I think I had like 4 pieces of the turkey schnitzel. It was really good. Tender turkey meat, deep fried til crispy and has a white sauce that really just went well with it.

Pan Seared Duck with Fruity Sauce

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

I'm a big fan of flaky puff pastry pies. Having seeing this on the buffet spread was awesome. Not only did it looked really tempting, but it tasted good too. Packed with ingredients makes each bite craving for more.

Beef Osso Buco

Grilled Fish Fillet with Citrus Salsa

Oyster au Gratin

Crispy Mango with Mango Sauce
As simple  as it looks yet the crispiness of the chicken and the sauce. Oh nothing beats that.

Alright now it's the time where these items not only appeals the eyes, and your camera/phone but also satisfies your palates and tummy haha. Dessert time! 

One of the thing that always impress me is the amount of desserts as well as the art/decoration of the desserts that G Hotel does. Never fail to impress me on every visit.

There is so much that you will just want to try every single dessert that is offered. Cakes, puddings, mousse, jelly, macaroons, chocolate fountain and so many more. It's almost like you name it they have it haha.

The Christmas goodies sure looks cute with the Christmas decorations. 


Assorted Christmas Cookies

This Warm Christmas Pudding with Vanilla Sauce not only really moist but rich as well. 

Wait there's more? Oh yes they have. Dip your favorite fruits and coat them in the chocolate fountain. 

Want something icy cool? Fret not cos there is also a selection of ice cream and sherbets as well as ais kacang. Why not both? haha

Fresh tropical fruits and local fav rojak is also available.

I'm sure that after reading and looking at the photos, you can't wait to indulge everything. :)

Planning to celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? Then why not pop by G Hotel as well as they pamper you into a world of gastronomic delights as you step into the year 2016.

The price list below is applicable for Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney and Spoon Cafe, G Hotel Kelawai

Christmas Eve Dinner
24 December 2015
6.30pm - 10.30pm
RM 148 nett - Adult
RM 74 nett - Child
RM 84 nett - Senior Citizen
* A free glass of Gluehwein 

Christmas Day Sparkling Brunch
25 December 2015
12pm - 3pm
RM 138 nett - Adult
RM 69 nett - Child
RM 79 nett - Senior Citizen
* A free glass of sparkling wine

Christmas Day Dinner
25 December 2015
6.30pm - 10.30pm
RM 148 nett - Adult
RM 74 nett - Child
RM 84 nett - Senior Citizen

New Year's Eve Dinner
31 December 2015
7pm - 11pm
RM 168 nett - Adult
RM 84 nett - Child
RM 94 nett - Senior Citizen
* A free glass of sparkling wine

New Year's Day Dinner
1 January 2016
12pm - 3pm
RM 138 nett - Adult
RM 69 nett - Child
RM 79 nett - Senior Citizen
* A free glass of sparkling wine

*Free flow of soft drinks & juices for all buffet
* Add on RM 55nett per person for free flow of house beer or wine

For reservations,
Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney  -  04-238 0000
Spoon Cafe, G Hotel Kelawai  -  04-219 0000 

Planning to present friends or family some Christmas goodies? The good news is search no more as G Hotel also sells them, cakes, cookies as well as hampers too. 

Thanking G Hotel for hosting and their warm hospitality.


For more information:
G Hotel Gurney
168, Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang
Tel : +604 - 238 0000

G Hotel Kelawai
2 Persiaran Maktab
10250 Penang
Tel : +604 - 219 0000