Dine This Christmas At David Brown's Restaurant & Tea Terrace, Penang Hill.

As we approach Christmas and the end of the year, David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace located right up at Penang Hill has arranged not one but two spectacular set menu for you to enjoy on this coming special days.

It was infact my first time going up to dine up there and I was really thrilled as it has been a while since I went up Penang Hill and to have an opportunity to dine up there, it was something that I did not have in mind.

Upon exiting the Penang Hill train station, just a few steps and you will be on you way up to David Brown’s Restaurant. I was rather caught in awe with the whole surrounding.
After a walk up a few flight of steps, there stands the restaurant surrounded by lushes of green.
Alright so let’s have a look at what David Brown has for us. There 2 Christmas menu for you to choose from.

Let’s first have a look at what the kitchen has whip up for this Christmas Eve Dinner. 
Starting off with Amuse Bouche,a single, bite-sized Turkey Croquette top with Sriracha mayonnaise that surely does amuse the mouth and invigorate the palate. Tasted really good that I wished I had more of it.

Now for the appetizer, it was the Arugula salad with smoked beef bacon, tempura oyster mushroom, dressed with balsamic reduction vinaigrette with toasted hazelnuts. It sure does open the appetite for more delicious food to come.

Next up was the Chicken Velute Soup, with slices of poached chicken breast meat, eryngii mushroom and finely chopped chives sprinkled over.

As for the main, you are given 3 choices to choose from. The first option is:-

Traditional Roast Turkey Breast served with delicious roasted herb potato, broccoli, purified apple chutney and turkey juice. I quite like how the apple chutney gives this dish such unique taste.

Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon with scallop, spear asparagus, tomato tartat, chive potato cream and lime hollandaise. I you love salmon this is something you should not missed out on. Everything on the plate gives you such nice flavours.


Pan Roast Rack of Lamb served with glazed onion, confit cherry tomato, braised lamb pie and balsamic lamb jus. This is like the ultimate lamb combo dish. 

Now time for pre dessert! The Ginger Lime Granita was rather refreshing. A slightly more course shaved ice flavoured with ginger and lime gives quite a nice blend.

Now the thing I have been waiting for, dessert! Chocolate Mousse Cake with caramelized banana, coconut gelee, caramel pop corn and mixture of berries. This was heavenly good. Can I have 10 of this please haha 

Last but not least Tea or Coffee with Christmas Cookies.

So here is the Menu for Christmas Eve Dinner at RM 188++ perpax. Please take note that the restaurant will ONLY be serving this menu for meal. There will not be any ala carte available.

While for Christmas Day Dinner Menu, let see what awaits us.

First for the appetizer was Soft Shell Crab Salad with sesame dressing. The soft shell gives you the crunchiness on the outside and soft inside. 

As for soup, we were served with the rich with ingredients Chicken and Corn soup. You know there's a whole lot of ingredients when every scoop, your spoon is full with ingredients. Of course it wasn't just rich in ingredients, it was rich in flavour too.

There is 3 options for you to choose for your main course.
Davids Roast Poulet served with Roasted Herbs Potato, Steam Vegetable with Gravy


Pan Seared Grouper with Potato Croquette, Steam Vegetables and Wasabi Mayo. Simple yet delicious.


Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with Potato Fondant, Steam Vegetables and Lamb Jus. Juicy tender lamb with a nice crust of herbs that gives such nice flavour to the lamb.

There is nothing to end the meal with a nice Chocolate Brownie with Caffe Vergnano 1882 Espresso Chocolate Ice Cream. Their ice cream is homemade so it made the whole dessert, dessert-ciously heavenly good.

Last but not least Tea or Coffee with Christmas Cookies.

The Christmas Dinner Set Menu is at RM 98++ perpax.

Good news is that if you pay a full payment before the 15 December 2015, you are entitled to a 20% discount. It just became merrier :)

Excellent food, great ambiance and spectacular scene, it happens at David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terrace.

Thanking David Brown's Restaurant & Tea Terrace for hosting.

For more information:
David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terraces
Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-828 8337 / 018-409 6277
Email: st.penanghill@gmail.com

Opens daily:11.00am - 10.00pm
Lunch: 11am - 3pm
Afternoon Tea: 3pm - 6pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10pm (last call 9pm)

David Brown Website / David Brown FB

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