High Energy White Sensation Party At Soju Penang

Soju Penang painted the town white with their recent sensational White Sensation Party. I was given the privilege to be there partying all night long again, enjoying myself to the ambiance as well as the amazing acts thanks to Soju for inviting me over. Clubbers had the ultimate holiday party experience as the party featured a stellar line-up of international entertainment acts.

Inspired by the worldwide Sensation phenomenon, the party on Saturday night (19/12) was brimming with invited guests and party-goers dressed in their best white outfits.

 Located at the lower ground of Entertainment City, Penang Times Square, Soju Penang welcomes clubbers with an interesting walkway as you approach the entrance. Very much like Moulin Rouge concept which is always interesting upon arriving.

As one walks pass the front counter, there's a section where green laser light beams are displayed. It always captivates the attention of everyone who walks pass it every time including myself ..haha.. and beyond the laser beams, thats's where the real party is.

This is my second time entering the main area and I simply love the decoration made to the clubbing arena. Simple, everything was white just in season with Christmas too. 

Taking the stage first was the highly popular outfit Cash Band whose exhilarating performances provided for a solid party experience to the clubbers. 

  The energy remained high and strong the entire time as the entertainers sang, dance and interacted with the appreciative crowd. 

In delivering upbeat and vivacious renditions of familiar hit songs, the band’s vocalists surprised the audience with their spot-on impersonations of famous pop stars.

Michelle and Ais dressed as Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga respectively while Stephen’s BeyoncĂ© and Mickey’s Iggy Azalea impressions prompted the crowd to go wild in excitement and amusement.

The party-goers were left transfixed by the fabulous Filipino boy dance group Men on Heels who effortlessly added spice to the Soju dance floor.

Through their well-coordinated moves, the three dancers took the stage by storm as they strutted their stuff wearing high heels, much to the awe of the audience.

Their act was accompanied by the dancing routines of Reyn, Valentine and Mario.

The sizzling dance group Magma Girls from Ukraine gyrated to the music, enthralling the audience with their svelte moves before special guest DJ Princess Joana’s appearance.

The excitement soared when the much-awaited DJ from Indonesia took control of the decks and began spinning contagious and energetic EDM beats.

DJ Princess Joana, who once graced the cover of FHM Indonesia, raised her hands in the air to the music and exuded an infectious energy to the dance floor.

Mario of Romania as the Super Soju Robot was also on hand to thrill the crowd with his fiery guitar act.

Soju’s resident DJs also cranked up funky beats to keep the party-goers on their feet all night and until the wee hours of the morning.

At the same time, stunning laser lighting displays beautifully illuminated the audience and the club’s interior.

Soju Penang is part of the Soju chain of entertainment clubs managed by Penang-based entertainment group Worldwide Platinum Records.

Thanking Soju Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Soju Penang
B2, Entertainment City, 
Penang Time Square,
10150 Penang
Opening hours : Mon - Sat 9pm-3am
Reservations : 012 - 5565876 / 04-2103082 

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